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States Where Medical Marijuana is Legal:

States with Low-THC Medical Marijuana Laws:

Here you can find a comprehensive list of what states have approved medical cannabis use through an official state-run MMP. Each listed state allows for its residents to register with the program in order to apply for an official medical marijuana ID card. With it, you can purchase MMJ products from a registered state dispensary, grow marijuana plants on your property, and benefit from patient-specific health privileges within your state.

New York Dispensaries


  • Verilife
  • Vireo Health


  • Verilife


  • MedMen

Clifton Park

  • FP Wellness

Hudson Valley

  • Be. (Wappingers Falls)

Johnson City

  • Vireo Health


  • Etain


  • Verilife


  • Curaleaf

NYC & Boroughs of New York City

  • Be. (Brooklyn + Staten Island)
  • Columbia Care (Brooklyn + Manhattan)
  • Curaleaf (Queens + Long Island)
  • Etain (Manhattan)
  • FP Wellness (Manhattan)
  • MedMen (Fifth Avenue + Long Island)
  • Verilife (Bronx)
  • Vireo Health (Queens)


  • Curaleaf


  • Columbia Care


  • Columbia Care
  • FP Wellness


  • Etain
  • MedMen

White Plains

  • Vireo Health


  • Etain

MMJ Laws for Patients

If you have never used medical marijuana before, it is important to know that US legislation does not allow doctors to write direct prescriptions for marijuana medication. All they can do is write recommendation letters that prove you have a medical condition that legally qualifies you for MMJ use. To actually get your medicine, you will have to visit a legally recognized dispensary in your local area.

Even if you live in a state where smoking medicinal weed is legal, you should still be aware of specific marijuana laws for your area. This way, in the case of an unfortunate encounter with a law enforcement officer, you are aware of your legal rights. Ensure that, when you medicate, you do so sensibly. Marijuana has a very distinct odor, so it is best to smoke it on your private property, rather than in public. If you are at the wheel and you get pulled over, the potent cannabis smell might put you in a delicate situation. Most importantly, keep in mind that, while your use of cannabis may be legal, it is still deemed illegal to drive under the influence of any drug. 

Should you want to grow your medicinal marijuana at home, fewer plants mean greater discretion. This way, you will draw less attention from people who might intend to cause you harm, such as petty thieves or nosy neighbors. Have a general idea of how much cannabis you need for your treatment, so you can stay within safe cultivation limits.

MMJ Laws for Doctors

As a registered physician, recommending medical marijuana to your patients does not carry too much risk. According to a well-documented Medscape report on medical marijuana, no physician has ever been charged with medical malpractice for simply making a recommendation for MMJ to their patients. 

However, there have been cases of physicians losing their right to practice because of a written recommendation that was deemed unsafe for the patient’s condition. In one such case, two doctors in Colorado suffered suspension by the CO state board and ultimately lost their medical licenses. The first one allegedly supplied an MMJ recommendation to a pregnant woman, having never examined her prior to that. Based on Medscape findings, the second one issued his patients’ medical recommendations after having met them in establishments that are not deemed appropriate for medical practice – such as hotels and tattoo parlors. No follow-up visits were undergone for the patients in the second example. 

Moreover, Medscape’s data also highlights the U.S. Department of Justice’s 2013 recommendation that legal action should not be pursued against physicians who simply recommend medical marijuana. While marijuana is still classified as a Schedule I Drug by the DEA, the act’s main endeavor remains to prevent access to marijuana products to minors, as well as preventing the creation of a black market enterprise for medicinal marijuana. 

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