January has been a very productive month for the medical marijuana industry. As more and more cities in Missouri are now housing easy-to-access marijuana dispensaries, one question has been on the minds of our patients: Will the other Midwest states soon follow in Missouri’s footsteps of MMJ normalization?

The three recent dispensaries that have opened in Jefferson City, Lebanon, and Carthage have given us a unique opportunity to put a spotlight on our patients’ experience. As a result, our medical specialists here at QMC are here to provide valuable patient and marijuana dispensary insights. Read on for our forecast of what the Midwest has in store for medical cannabis in the coming months.

Marijuana Dispensaries in Missouri

Missouri exemplifies the Midwest’s general trend of considering MMJ a bountiful necessity. Therefore, it stands at an optimistic border between its neighbors, Iowa on one end, and Illinois at the other end. It is a definitive example of a state that puts the interests of its patients first, above all else. In turn, this is a motivating mantra for all of us here at QMC. We proudly work together with the state of Missouri to offer medical marijuana cards for this medical betterment.

Taking into account its new locations, the state now houses a population of over 50 medical marijuana dispensaries, operated by various businesses. It is through this rampant normalization that cannabis oil, edibles, tinctures, and many other marijuana plant products can now easily be bought all around the state. Of course, patients could not be happier. Here’s how the opening of the new locations was received throughout the state:

Jefferson City

Lying at the heart of Missouri, the joyous patients of Jefferson City eagerly awaited its second dispensary. With a community of over 70,000 licensed patients in central Missouri, marijuana dispensaries hold a multi-faceted role here. Not only do they provide patients with the medication they require, but they also ensure that every patient is well-informed and well-educated on the medication they are taking.

Lebanon and Carthage

Being located in the peaceful southwest region of the state, both Lebanon and Carthage hold a smaller-sized patient community. However, in true Ozark spirit, like-minded individuals have gladly embraced the innovative aspect of medical marijuana. Both of these cities now offer a whole new range of cannabis medication that is readily available for purchase and patient convenience.

Patient Perspectives

Missouri patients have always been our North Star as we work to implement the state’s Medical Marijuana Program.”

– Director of Missouri Department of Health and Human Services

With medical marijuana dispensaries becoming as common as regular pharmacies, things are definitely changing, both in Missouri and in the Midwest as a whole. Because of this, the legal aspect of medical marijuana products is getting questioned rarer and rarer nowadays. Consequently, questions that, just a few months ago, were full of uncertainty:

  • Is cannabis legal in Missouri in 2020?
  • Where to get legal cannabis Oil in Missouri City?
  • What are the charges for growing marijuana in Missouri?

Are now gradually taking on a vastly more positive attitude. And this is where MMJ normalization brings happiness in the place of confusion. People are now actively looking at beginner’s buyer guides for cannabis products, and they’re eagerly searching for information regarding medical marijuana. Med cards are something that every patient can now easily have in their possession. A dispensary is just around the corner no matter where you find yourself in-state. Health and wellness are now something easy to achieve – all thanks to the power of information. Cannabis is no longer a mystery.

What’s next for the Midwest?

In our expert opinion, as a landmark state of open-minded people, Missouri is leading in innovation. Through the openings of dispensaries around state premises, the in-state government is displaying what matters most in the era of marijuana medication – goodwill and a desire to educate. Giving patients easier and easier access to cannabis products is the best-paved road to a happy and fulfilled patient society. All in all, Missouri’s efforts have taught us is that even the smallest steps count in the long run.

One thing is for certain, Jefferson City, Lebanon, and Carthage are now richer, both from a cultural standpoint and from a medical one. In but a month’s time, maybe we will have a look at Minnesota or Wisconsin’s cities in the spotlight of marijuana advancement. For now, the future is looking as bright as ever for the Midwest cannabis industry.

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