Frequently Asked Questions:
Doctors & Nurses


How do I become a qualified provider?

Each state has their own requirements for you to become a qualified medical marijuana provider. Please check the state’s MMJ program guidelines which can usually be found on their Department of Health website.

How can I be part of the QuickMedCards platform?

To be a part of QuickMedCards, email

What benefits do you offer?

QuickMedCards will provide you with free technology that will make the processing of patients easy, quick, and efficient. 

Is there a cost to join QuickMedCards?

There’s no cost to be a part of our network of physicians.

How will I get patients?

Patients will book you through our website once they have registered and signed up. You will be notified beforehand if you have an upcoming appointment with one of our patients.

Is QuickMedCards HIPAA compliant?

QuickMedCards abide by all HIPAA requirements of handling patient data. We’re safe and secure.

To apply, email