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Claim Your Bottle of Pure CBD Oil

CBD provides many of the health benefits of medical cannabis, but without the same legal risks or work-disruptive “high”. With CBD you can get the relief you need without worrying about your day being sidetracked by light-headedness or psychoactive effects. It’s another tool in the toolbox. With our modern capsules, many people take CBD at the office or as part of their morning routine.


Medical Marijuana Prescription

How do Medical Marijuana Prescriptions Work?

If this is your first time seeking medical marijuana treatment, you probably have a lot of questions. What is the cost, who can prescribe it, how to access medical records?
We’re here to help you find out all you need to know about the difference between a marijuana prescription and a recommendation, and how to speak to your doctor about medical marijuana.


Health & Relief

Medical Marijuana for Pain Relief – How Marijuana Treatment Works

Chronic pain is the leading reason people seek medical marijuana. But why do so many patients prefer medical marijuana for pain relief? It comes down to its effectiveness and the advantages cannabis has over conventional OTC and prescription drugs. Get familiar with some of the best strains for pain which have worked wonders for many patients. Learn how you can qualify for a medical card today.


Laws & Regulation

New Jersey’s Recreational Marijuana Bill and its Fascinating Journey to Legalization

New Jersey’s recent relationship with cannabis has been … complicated, to say the least. Ever since November’s overwhelming majority vote to legalize recreational marijuana all around the Garden State, its associated bill has taken a confusing and long-winded journey through the world of American legalese. A journey that, as of yesterday, has officially ended with happiness and …


Health & Relief

Is CBD oil a helpful treatment for Multiple Sclerosis patients?

Could medical marijuana and CBD oil be the cure for multiple sclerosis? Probably not, but, they have definitely proven to be quite effective in subduing some of the most troublesome symptoms. If you’re struggling with MS you may want to consider adding marijuana or CBD oil to your treatment plan. Why? First, did you know that…


Industry News

The Hemp Flower Reform’s Long-Term Effects in the U.S.

In a year of country-wide evolution, owning a medical marijuana business has never looked more promising. Among the noteworthy events in the medical cannabis industry, 2021’s hemp flower reform has caught our attention. This bill aims to improve three distinct medical marijuana programs that we are actively monitoring: Minnesota, New York, and Virginia…

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