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“Great staff. Very helpful. It’s extremely convenient not having to drive to appointment. You just video call the doctor. Awesome experience.”

– Kevin F.

“Fast and friendly! They helped me obtain my med card with ease and when I misplaced it they promptly got back to help me get a replacement.”

Casey R.

“Using this service is so easy and with the unmatched price you just can’t argue. It was an amazing experience compared to going into the doctors.”

Ron S.

“I was surprised that everything was so easy. Called the number, set up my medical records, and received a time slot for a phone interview. They called on time and asked a few questions and bingo I was finished.”

Carrol C.

“So quick and affordable. I was nervous about the video chat. But it was very professional.”

Liam C.

“It was super quick to schedule to talk to a provider. They got back to me the same day. Customer service is also very quick to respond and very helpful! They definitely want to help you out and work with you.”

Korali R.

“It was such a quick and easy experience! The nurse was so nice and understanding. Much more convenient than driving somewhere.”

Brett I.

“Called for a replacement card was quick and easy and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable of the process. The card itself is the most  affordable in the area. Highly recommend!”

Luke P.

How to get a medical card online in Oklahoma

QuickMedCards connects patients with licensed medical mj doctors in Oklahoma.

Simply register with us and you can book an online consultation with our experienced medical mj doctors in Oklahoma. We provide telemedicine appointments that are completely online.

So, no in-person appointments are required, and the appointment is usually done in just 15 minutes.

There’s no need to wait around. If eligible, you’ll receive your online OMMA recommendation the same day. With that in hand, you’ll be able to complete your Oklahoma medical mj card application in no time!

Here’s what you need to do:

Fill out the Patient Questionnaire Form

Register with us and we’ll instantly connect you to our network of medical mj doctors in Oklahoma.

When you register, we’ll ask a few questions about your condition. Then, from your QMC patient dashboard, book an appointment time that is most convenient for you.

Video call with our Licenced Doctor

During your appointment, our doctor will evaluate your medical condition, and walk you through the potential risks and benefits of mj treatment.

If you are approved for medical mj treatment, our doctor will give you a Signed Certification, which will be available for instant PDF download.

Get Your Oklahoma Medical MJ Card Online

Once you have your OMMA recommendation, you can immediately begin the OMMA application process to get your Oklahoma medical mj card online. 

Online evaluation by Licensed Medical Marijuana Doctors in Connecticut

Benefits of QuickMedCards

Includes State Paperwork Fee

Our prices include the State Paperwork Fee that other providers usually charge for separately. Other fees that a patient must pay directly to the government must be paid by the patient.

Receive $30 of free CBD From

All patients that are approved by our providers in Oklahoma can claim their $30-value gift voucher for CBD.

Our Services in Oklahoma

New Patient Consultation


What You Receive:
(if approved) 

  • 2-Year Recommendation for Medical MJ
  • $30 of free CBD from
  • 24/7 Dispensary Verification
  • Signed Doctor Certification available for PDF Download

We Make the OMMA Renewal Process Quick and Easy

You can easily renew your OMMA medical card with QuickMedCards. Whether you’re a returning patient or signing up with us for the first time, our renewal process is quick and easy.
If you’re a returning QuickMedCards patient, simply log in to your QMC account to book a follow-up appointment with one of our doctors.

Renewal For New Patients

There are no extra charges for first-time patients renewing with us. Even if you’ve been certified for mj by a different doctor, you can still proceed with us easily.

QuickMedCards - Trust is Our #1 Priority

Doctor Approved

Trusted By Doctors & Patients
Around the Country

QuickMedCards helps people find excellent doctors and healthcare providers to talk with about getting certified for legal mmj use within their state.

Every healthcare professional on the QuickMedCards platform is licensed by their state to certify patients for medical mj. Our customer service team is available 7 days a week.

Certified MMJ Doctors

All the doctors and nurse practitioners that we work with are licensed in-state to legally certify patients for Medical MJ treatment.


Secure Payment

The QuickMedCards platform has undergone comprehensive testing to ensure the safety of all data entered, including medical and credit card information.

HIPAA Compliant

QuickMedCards abide by all HIPAA requirements of handling patient data.
We're safe and secure.

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Our high customer reviews show that we mean it when we say that we take care of customers. Check out the many great reviews of QuickMedCards on Google Maps, Facebook, and TrustPilot.

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Online OMMA Recommendations Made Easy

Our doctors in Oklahoma offer comprehensive evaluations of each patient to determine if medical mj suits their patient’s needs and could improve their quality of life.
You will be seen by an OMMA approved doctor who is licensed to recommend mj treatment legally to patients.
Approved patients will get a recommendation and be certified with the Oklahoma Medical MJ Authority.

Next-day appointments available

Monday – Sunday

09:00 AM – 09:00 PM

How to get your Oklahoma medical mj card online

The process of getting an Oklahoma Medical MJ card has never been easier. Here’s how you begin:

1. Get Certified

All you have to do is simply register with us to book an appointment to video call with an OMMA doctor. The consultation usually lasts for 10 minutes and you will get your certification afterwards if you’re approved.

2. Register with OMMA

You’ll receive your recommendation immediately so that you can fill out the online state patient license application the very same day. All of which you can now do from the comfort of your own home. 

You can submit your online application at OMMA login page.
Before you start your application, keep the following in mind:

  • All patient applications must be submitted online. 
  • You need to complete your online application in a single session
  • All patients must pay the $100 application fee.

* You may be eligible to pay a reduced fee of $20 if you are enrolled in Medicare (Soonercare) or if you have status as a 100% disabled veteran.

4. Receive Your Medical MJ ID

Once the application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the OMMA. If your application is approved, you will receive your license identification card in the mail. This is your Medical MJ Card that you will use when buying mj products at dispensaries. Your identification card usually takes 14 business days to arrive in the mail. 

Who qualifies for medical MJ in Oklahoma?

Unlike many other states with Medical MJ Programs, there isn’t a strict list of ‘Qualifying Conditions’ in the state of Oklahoma.

Instead, it is up to a certified medical mj doctor to evaluate if the use of medical mj would benefit their patient’s health. The doctor will make their decision on the same basis as they would with regular prescriptions, and write their recommendation accordingly. Therefore, it is up to your doctor to evaluate whether medical mj is appropriate for your illness or condition.

Are you looking for OMMA doctors accepting new patients? 

We can help you schedule an appointment with a licensed physician today.

If you are unsure whether medical mj is the right choice for you, we are here to guide you. Our doctors can help you find out if medical mj is the best option for your wellbeing, and answer any questions you might have.

Our doctors will normally recommend mj if you are suffering from a chronic illness or a debilitating medical condition and you are not responding to traditional treatments. Below you will find a list of common ailments people seek mj treatment for:

Program Requirements & Patient Eligibility

Take note of the following applicant requirements:

  • You must be a resident in the state of Oklahoma.
  • You must be eighteen (18) years or older.

* If you are younger than eighteen (18) years when you apply, you are required to have an ‘Approved Caregiver’, applying on your behalf.

* Information about Minor Patient Application can be found here.

Not from Oklahoma?
Check out the Other States we cover.

What type of Documentation is required?

When you fill out the Adult Patient Application, you will also submit the following documents:

  • A clear, colored, full-face photograph submitted in digital format.
  • Your Physician Recommendation (dated within 30 days of application submission)

  • Proof of identity (digital, color copy of one of the following):
    • Oklahoma driver’s license
    • Oklahoma identification card
    • U.S. passport or other photo identification issued by the U.S government
  • Proof of residency in Oklahoma (digital, color copy of one of the following):
      • Oklahoma driver’s license
      • Oklahoma identification card
      • Oklahoma voter identification card
      • A utility bill for the calendar month preceding the date of application, excluding cellular telephone and internet bills
      • A residential property deed to a property in the State of Oklahoma
      • A current rental agreement for residential property located in the State of Oklahoma

* Tribal identification cards are approved for identification purposes by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. 

How to renew your Medical MJ card


Please note – Your OMMA Patient License is valid for 2 years. This also applies to your medical mj recommendation, which is also valid for 2 years. Therefore, after that time, you need to be re-evaluated by one of our licensed doctors. We will get in touch before your license expires to help you set up your renewal appointment and ensure you have a valid medical mj card.


Important – If you are a caregiver, your OMMA-issued ID card is only valid for the same period as your patient’s ID card. When your patient’s card expires, they will need to get a new certification from their doctor. After your patient has successfully renewed their med card, you will need to renew your registry card as well. You need to make sure that you have a valid MMCC-issued ID card when buying from a dispensary.

How to Renew:

1. Log in to your OMMA patient account as a returning user
Make sure all your personal details and information is up to date. 

2. Receive Verification Email
After you renew your registration online, you’ll get a verification email explaining the next steps.

3. Visit a Medical MJ Doctor
If you are a returning QuickMedCards patient, you can book a follow-up appointment to renew your certification.

If this is your first time using QuickMedCards, you need to complete our Patient Questionnaire form first.

4. Receive Your New Medical MJ ID
Once you’re certified by our doctor and your OMMA application is approved, your new card will be mailed to you at the address you listed in the patient portal. The new card will have an issue date from the day after your original card expires.

Oklahoma Caregiver information

What if I need someone to help me buy or use medical marijuana?

Some patients may have difficulties completing their OMMA application or accessing dispensaries for various reasons, making it hard to get marijuana products for their ailment. In that event, these patients can discuss the option of designating a caregiver with their physician. 

A caregiver must meet the same criteria for age and residency status as registered patients.

Adult Caregiver Designation Form (PDF)

Important: It is defined by the Oklahoma law that a caregiver:

must either be a family member or an assistant that regularly looks after the medical marijuana patient.”

For full details about the process please go to Caregiver Application OMMA.

Recommendations From Oklahoma Medical MJ Patients

Recommendations from our patients

Sometimes our ailments can get in the way of us living the lives we want to live. Many of our patients find that with their new treatment, they can enjoy the activities they used to with their family and friends. If you are new to medical mj, you might be wondering what are some of the best ways to relax after you take your medicine? Or perhaps you’re looking for fun activities to enjoy alongside the benefits of your new treatment. We have gathered the highlights recommended to us by some of our patients.

Whether you’re coming from near or far, medical mj patients who find themselves in Oklahoma have plenty of options for leisure and relaxation at their disposal. You will find everything from outdoor activities, family attractions to historic and cultural escapes. Perhaps a solo adventure to enjoy the breath-taking landscape or perhaps a romantic getaway road trip going down the infamous Route 66. There is something for everyone. Here are some suggestions from our community. 


Destinations & activities

Oklahoma City 

Whether you are a life-long Oklahoman or a first-time visitor, there are several popular tourist attractions worth seeing in OKC. You may want to consider stopping by the Botanical Garden or the Oklahoma City zoo to see some extraordinary species. With the relaxing effects of your treatment, you might just find a new appreciation for Nature’s beauty. If that’s not to your liking, then another excellent option would be The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum if you’re a fan of all things western. 


Many patients might be familiar with Tulsa dispensary and clinic, however, this town has a lot more to offer. If you find yourself in the area with some spare time, you won’t regret spending it among the architectural wonders of the Art Deco-styled Tulsa Performing Arts Center. This futuristic masterpiece was designed by Minoru Yamasaki himself and houses four main theatres, a very sizable reception hall, a studio space, and even an art gallery! Or maybe you’ve come here with an appetite for some real southern cuisine, we’ve heard that this city’s bbq and steakhouses should not be missed. 


Sometimes what our body and mind need is an afternoon out in nature with some peace and quiet. Spending time outdoors is a great way to get a break from our busy lives and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Why not visit some of the most beautiful places in Oklahoma like the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, the Quartz Mountain Resort, the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, or the Beavers Bend State Park? Immersing yourself in nature is a well-known recipe for reducing stress and increasing our wellbeing. 

Giving Back

We will donate to charity for every appointment booking.

We take suggestions from customers like you.

Favorites have been:


Help stop cancer from being a common health problem across the world.


Help injured veterans live a better life after they've served our country.

Receive $30 of Free CBD

CBD is an extract from the mj plant. CBD provides some of the health benefits of mj with fewer psychoactive effects. Many people take CBD for symptom relief at the office or in the morning. It’s another tool in the toolbox. InstaCraft’s modern CBD capsule makes it easy to take CBD discreetly while on-the-go.

FAQs About How to Get a Medical Card in Oklahoma

When was medical mj legalized in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma Medical MJ Laws

The Oklahoma medical mj bill was passed in 2018 and it has benefitted hundreds of thousands of patients since. More than half of the participants voted on the ballot to legalize medical mj in the state, making it legal for approved patients to use the substance. 

The Oklahoma Department of Health now has an extensive medical mj program which is governed by the state program Oklahoma Medical MJ Authority (OMMA). Together, these entities make up the program responsible for the regulations and rules for the use and cultivation of medical mj in the state. 

You can read more about mj legalization at Oklahoma Medical MJ Laws.

You can also see the newest updates on the Rules and Regulations from September 2020 and October 2020.

Where can I get a medical mj card in Oklahoma for cheap?

QuickMedCards offers the lowest price in the state for a medical mj card recommendation. Whereas other providers charge $175-$200 for a consultation with a medical mj doctor in OK, we only charge $149.

Sign up today to speak with a qualified mj doctor in OK and get certified in minutes. 

What is the first step in getting a medical MJ card in Oklahoma?

You can sign up with QuickMedCards and book an appointment with a qualified medical mj doctor in Oklahoma. Then, if you’re approved you will get your medical mj recommendation. 

What are the qualifying medical conditions for medical mj in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma providers don’t follow a list of qualifying medical conditions. Instead, it is up to the doctor to determine whether medical mj will be beneficial in treating your medical condition. Book an appointment with us to talk to an experienced mj doctor about getting certified for medical mj. 

Where can I get a medical mj card in Oklahoma near me?

Through QuickMedCards, residents of Oklahoma can apply for medical mj in any city they’re in. This is due to the convenience of the online mj evaluation done on your mobile or desktop device. What could be nearer than getting certified for medical mj in the comfort of your home? 

Can patients under 18 get a medical mj card in Oklahoma?

Yes. Patients under 18 may qualify for medical mj. But, their parents or legal guardians must register on their behalf. Additionally, they must have two physician recommendations from two different doctors. 

Where can I smoke mj in Oklahoma?

You can smoke mj in the isolation of your home. You should be aware that consuming mj in public is illegal.

Where can I buy mj in Oklahoma?

You can purchase medical mj from any state-licensed mj dispensary in Oklahoma. 

Can medical mj patients in Oklahoma buy CBD oil?

Yes. To clarify, you do not need to be an OK medical mj holder to buy cannabidiol (CBD) products. Also, hemp-extracted CBD products are legal in Oklahoma. Further, CBD provides a relaxing sensation while allowing patients to remain clear-headed. 

In the same vein, patients who get a medical mj recommendation from their doctor through QuickMedCards receive $30 worth of free mj. Courtesy of the best quality pure CBD oil for the lowest prices.

Can I use medical mj without smoking?

Yes. For patients who do not enjoy smoking their medicine, there are many forms of medical mj they can buy from OK dispensaries. For example:

  • Concentrates and oils. This is a fast-acting and easy-to-use form of medical mj consumed without the harmful by-products of smoking. Patients need vaporizers to take their mj in this form.
  • Edibles. MJ edibles come in many forms. For instance, infused gummies, chocolate,  and drinks. Also, this is a discrete method to take your medicine, and effects last longer than other methods. However, it takes a while before they kick in.
  • Capsules. Another discrete form of mj that is very effective and produces prolonged effects. 
  • Tinctures. This is one of the best methods for precise dosing. Patients can take mmj tinctures orally or sublingually, meaning under the tongue.
  • Rubs or topicals are best for localized pain and don’t cause psychoactive effects.

Does chronic pain qualify me for medical mj in Oklahoma?

If the doctor thinks medical mj will be beneficial to ease your pain, then you will likely receive a recommendation for medical mj.