Write for Us | Medical Marijuana Guest Post

Want to write for us? We are looking for skilled cannabis writers who can craft interesting research-driven articles and share them in the form of medical marijuana guest posts.

Why Us?

QuickMedCards is one of the fastest-growing health-tech platforms with over 400,000 registered medical marijuana patients. With 200,000+ pageviews each month, QuickMedCards can increase your brand awareness and help you get the visibility you deserve. 

What Are We Looking For?

We are only accepting high-quality cannabis content that is informational, educational, and clear. Three types of articles that we are looking for includes:

  1. News-style
    • Short articles with a limit set to 500-550 words that talk about the latest cannabis news
    • A maximum of 2 links are allowed in the article body and 1 link to the personal website in the author bio
  2. Deep dive / Educational: 
    • Articles with over 1000 words covering each subtopic in details
    • A maximum of 5 links are allowed in the article body with one additional link to the personal website in the author bio
  3. Interviews:
    • Articles can be of any length above 500 words
    • Covers in detail the agenda of the interview and has a takeaway for the readers in the end
    • A maximum of 2 links are allowed in the article body with an additional link in the author bio

Note: These are not the only articles we accept. If you have something exciting outside of this send us your article at william@quickmedcard.com and we would get back within 48 hours.

What You Should Avoid To Prevent Rejection

  • Articles sharing medical advice
  • Overly promotional content
  • Content that is spun, plagiarized, or something that has already been published elsewhere
  • Articles with offensive tone or inaccurate information
  • Thin as well as long-winded content
  • Articles with affiliate links

Editorial Guidelines

Follow the editorial guidelines below before you send us your article:

  • SEO: To make the guest post optimized for better search engine rankings the below actions should be taken care of:
  • Readability: The readability level of an average American is considered to be around the 7th/8th grader which is equivalent to someone of the age of 12-14 according to CenterForPlainLanguage.org. Use tools like Hemingwayapp.com to check the score of your article.
  • Keywords: State 3 keywords (1 primary and 2 secondary keywords) you focused on while writing the content. Emails without that may be rejected. 
  • Keyword Distribution: Title, subheadings, and the body should have the target keyword distributed in such a way that it looks natural to the reader. No keyword stuffing. Read through some of our published articles and maintain the writing quality.
  • Internal Links: Include internal links to the existing QuickMedCards articles/pages. This will show us that you did the necessary research on your part.
  • External Links: Only one personal/company link is allowed, that too in the author bio section. The links will be UGC or Nofollow unless discussed otherwise. Contact us for possibilities of Do-Follow links. Remember to include in the subject line “Do-follow links required”.
  • Article Length: The length should be at least 500 words. 1000+ words will have a higher acceptance rate. But don’t write long-winded thin content. The length of the article should be justified. The word limits have been explained in detail in the “What Are We Looking For” section.
  • Sources: Remember to quote the sources and give credits to the original creators wherever necessary. 
  • Linkback: A higher acceptance rate will be for those writers who link back to their previously published articles on QMC. It would be even better if you send us the link to the page where you mentioned us while pitching an article
  • Unique Content: Check if your article has already been published by us. If it has, the chances of rejection will be higher unless your content provides a different viewpoint or takeaway for the readers as compared to the already published article.
  • Content Style: To understand the content style we general love to read and publish, check out the following pages and read through some of the posts: State Cannabis Laws and Blog.

Sponsored Content

We also accept sponsored content as long as it doesn’t have conflicting interests with QuickMedCards. For inquiries regarding the sponsored collaborations, contact william@quickmedcard.com with the subject line

How To Pitch

Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Send us your medical marijuana / cannabis guest post to william@quickmedcard.com 
  • Keep the subject line as “Medical Marijuana Guest Post”. 
  • Send the article in a word file or Google document.
  • Remember to add an author bio having no more than 50 words


QuickMedCards.com editors hold the right to edit the article as they see fit and may decide not to publish if it doesn’t follow the Editorial Guidelines.