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We are proud to offer our affiliates the most competitive deals as one of the best affiliate marketing programs in our industry. We are among the top-paying per commission and have one of the highest conversion rates in the market!

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About Us

Trusted by Doctors & Patients Around the Country

QuickMedCards is a leading telemedicine platform helping to make healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone. Our services span across more than 20 states and we’re continuously working to expand even further. 

Our services provide patients who need medical marijuana treatment with support, resources, and access to a wide network of specialized healthcare practitioners. 

We offer a fast, low-cost, and safe way for people to get a medical marijuana card legally from fully licensed doctors.


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Why Promote Us?

Promoting our business is a chance to give people improved health and quality of life. The valuable service we have created and delivered in the past few years have helped more than 100,000+ patients in over 20 states, from Arizona to West Virginia.

We want everyone to benefit from our services and go home happy. That is why we partnered with FlexOffers to create one of the best affiliate marketing programs in the industry. Our recently introduced QuickMedCards Medical Marijuana Affiliate Marketing Program allows you to earn a 20% commission on each referral.

So, partner with us today and earn the dollar value of 20% commission on each sale!

200,000+ Page Views Every Month

We are one of the fastest-growing medical marijuana service providers in the U.S. with over 100,000 registered patients already within four years of operation. And we receive over 200,000 page views per month.

High conversion rate - one of the best in the market!

Our average conversion rate in 2021 was an incredible 12.62%! That’s more than triple compared to the industry standard (median) of 3.6%.

Trusted by Doctors & Patients

Our patients love our services because of our highly responsive customer care team and compassionate certified medical marijuana doctors.

We have a TrustPilot score of 4.6 and thousands of positive reviews on Google, Facebook, and other platforms.

Online evaluation by Licensed Medical Marijuana Doctors in Connecticut

Affiliate Perks


Get Paid For Each Referral

As part of our medical cannabis affiliate program, you can expect payment for every referral. There’s no tier-dependent payout and no monthly targets. It’s that simple.

Free Affiliate Membership Plan

We won’t charge you a dime when you sign up as our affiliate. Beyond our zero fee signups, we also never charge you a monthly membership fee. It’s free. Forever.

90-Day Cookie Guarantee

We offer a 90-day cookie retention instead of the standard 45-days to ensure you don’t miss any payouts on your referrals. You’ll have acces to real-time reporting, product & offer feeds & more.

20% Sale Commission

No targets

Fast payouts

Free Signup

Access to APIs

Live experienced support and strategic account management

Trust is Our #1 Priority

Let’s talk trust. How can your prospective referrals trust us?

Our 200,000+ monthly page views and 100,000+ registered patients are a good starting point.

Our community of U.S patients who have signed up with us is a collective testament to how far we have come in delivering our promise of security, affordability and speed. We recommend these patients to verified doctors to receive treatment for many common illnesses such as chronic pain, PTSD, severe muscle spasms, etc.

Beyond our community outlook, our page views and ranking show that we are growing fast while maintaining our remarkable industry reputation. 

Therefore, if you can find new patients in one or more of the many states we operate in, we can point them to top doctors in the U.S. that will issue medical marijuana cards to them–in a reliable and expedited manner.

Start your QuickMedCards MMJ Affiliate Program by signing up with us through FlexOffers. You can also call +1 (305) 999-940 if you need help.

HIPAA Compliant

QuickMedCards abides by all HIPAA requirements of handling patient data. We’re safe and secure.

Certified Medical Marijuana Doctors

All the doctors and nurse practitioners that we work with are licensed in-state to legally certify patients for Medical Marijuana.


Secure Payment

The QuickMedCards platform has undergone comprehensive testing to ensure that data entered, including medical and credit card information, is safe and does not leave the platform.

Affiliate KnowledgeBase

Who can Join?

Affiliates from all around the world are welcome! So, you can join us from any part of the world and get paid. We welcome students, corporate workers, blogs and websites that operate in the cannabis niche, health practitioners, and individuals from different fields.

Who can You Refer?

Per state regulations, each referral you bring to us has to be at least 18 years old if they live in the United States. Requests from patients younger than this are not accepted. The referral bonus for minors will not count towards your affiliate payment as well.

Promotion Limitations

We do not track how you refer prospective patients to us. Nonetheless, there are industry and company-wide guidelines we would like to share:

  • Please do not use our brand or other closely related keywords while running Google Ads.
  • The content you use when promoting our services has to be in line with our offerings. QuickMedCards will not be responsible for any misuse. We can file a complaint against you if you misuse our brand name.