Is Quick Med Cards Legit?
Yes, Absolutely! Find Out Why

Today, the medical marijuana industry is flourishing. Each day, an increasing number of individuals are immersing themselves in the realm of medicinal cannabis and learning about its benefits. But, with this increased popularity, comes renewed mistrust. And quite rightly so. At Quick Med Cards, we believe in serving patients before profit. And so, let’s clear the air and find out all the reasons why Quick Med Cards is a reputable and legitimate organization providing reliable service which all cannabis patients can trust.

8 Reasons Why Quick Med Cards is Legit

If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to get your medical marijuana card, you may have heard about Quick Med Cards. And if you’re considering us for your medical marijuana certification, you may be wondering if we’re legit. The short answer is yes – Quick Med Cards is a safe and legitimate company that can help you get your MMJ card. 

So how does it work? And more importantly, is it worth using our service? Below, we have listed 8 reasons why you should choose us.

1. Thousands of Positive Reviews Across the Country

Real people share their honest opinions of our company on the internet so we can see what they really think. The reviews from our patients are overwhelmingly positive, with many praising us for being quick, easy and affordable. If there are any doubts or questions regarding our program, medical cards, online mmj doctors, or want to know how telehealth actually work, you can reach out to us or check out some of these real-life experiences shared by others.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

I was nervous about the whole process, looking back I don’t know why because it was so smooth. Everyone that I interacted with was nice, and caring and I never felt judged. Once I got notice of being recommended for medical marijuana, they also send an email and text with a video giving you more information on “next steps to take. They are super informative and very helpful! I even had technical issues and I was worried by restarting my device I had missed my appointment time but was able to log back in and my nurse continued the appointment and was very understanding. I highly recommend

Monet Graham, Facebook

“I stumbled on this site after doing Google search. I’m new to the medical aspect of marijuana but in misery since my car wreck that had life altering effects. This company guided me step by step helping a very new person feel at ease. my provider was great also and very quick and easy to talk to never judging me. So I recommend highly thanks for everything.”

Carolyn Varela, Facebook

“I always get an appointment same day and the nurses are incredibly kind and thoughtful. Very quick process, have recommended to several friends.”

– Samiee Davis, Trustpilot

“This is by Far The New Way of Receiving Your Card. No more Goof Doctors to visit, You Experience Professionals and knowledgeable Workers. Any questions you can contact them or the Dr assigned to you. They’re also better Priced than Most States and The Procedure is a bit Expedited.”

– Pete, TrustPilot

“I really liked my doctor at quickmedcards. She listened to me compassionately, helped me understand medical marijuana’s uses for my condition, and got me the patient certification quickly. No complaints.”

Luke Anderson, WeedMaps

“Why didn’t I do this 2 years ago? As advertised! Quick and easy! Filled out the questionnaire. Same day, 4 minute interview. Immediate certification. NYS approval in 3 days. It doesn’t get any easier! Tell all your friends and family. I did!”

– Quixote57, WeedMaps

“Very quick to respond and easy. Dr was very helpful.”

Karen Kopp, Facebook

“Friendly, caring, and considerate. Great to work with.”

Victoria Lanthier, Facebook

2. HIPAA Compliant – We Protect Your Info Like No Others

Getting medical marijuana cards across the US can be complicated. We at Quick Med Cards have made the process just a little bit easier with our straightforward and user-friendly platform that allows people of all ages to find MMJ doctors they can trust, for themselves and their loved ones who need medical care without unnecessary hassle.

A lot goes into making sure your data is safe when you use our services – we utilize 256-bit encryption in accordance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) guidelines. The 256-bit encryption makes sure that nothing gets compromised during transmission which means you can rest assured knowing your data is safe from prying eyes or hackers.

3. Certified Medical Marijuana Doctors

Quick Med Cards is the ultimate resource for finding a compliant, certified medical marijuana doctor in your area. We make sure our physicians has all of their appropriate certifications and credentials to help prescribe medicinal cannabis so you can finally get relief from pain or other symptoms as soon as possible! So, you can rest assured knowing that when it comes to treatment options there’ll be someone qualified to help.

4. Secure Payments That You Can Trust

The Quick Med Cards platform is equipped with robust security features that protect your personal information. Our team works hard behind the scenes to test out each new feature before they go live. We have a responsibility to protect your information, and we take that seriously. The platform endured comprehensive testing so the data entered by you will be safe with us.

5. Countrywide Reach – We’re Present in Over 23 States in the US

Our services are available in many of the states where medical marijuana has been legalized. We offer a convenient and affordable way for patients to obtain an MMJ card. Our online appointment system utilizes videoconferencing technology so you can see our physician without worrying about the travel distance to the doctors’ office. We offer same-day appointments as well, as long as there are available slots and we’re not already fully booked.

6. We Put Patients Before Profit

We at Quick Med Cards are committed to providing affordable medical marijuana cards and at the same time go above and beyond to make sure we remain at top status for patients, by providing responsive customer care services with honest doctors who specialize solely in cannabis – always putting their clients before anything else.

7. We Care. We Share.

Have you heard of the wonders that medical marijuana can do for your health? It may be time to give it a try! The effects of medicinal cannabis varies from person to person just as it would if you were taking traditional pharmaceuticals, so, consulting a physician before trying anything new is always a good decision. You can easily book an appointment with one of the doctors and consult regarding the same. With doctors available at your fingertips (literally), you won’t have any trouble finding out what’s best suited to treating whatever ailments you may have. 

We strive to be a resource for questions, tips, and answers so that you can make informed decisions when it comes time to choose your treatment option. With a mission to educate and provide resources for medical marijuana patients, Quick Med Cards has established itself as a reputable source on the subject with helpful blog posts that cover everything from medical conditions all way up to the latest industry news. 

 We care. Hence, we share.

8. Highly Trained Customer Service Team

Our customer care team is available to answer your questions and help you with any issues. We work every day from 9 am – 9 pm, so whether it is a weekday or weekend, you’ll always receive a reply from us. 

We’re here to help! If you have a question, you can either call our customer care team at 207-645-1645 or visit our website to chat with one of our live customer support agents.

Final Take: Is Quick Med Cards Legit? Absolutely, Yes!

Quick Med Cards is the premier resource for anyone looking to access a medical marijuana card. With a team of licensed physicians and an online presence built around education, Quick Med Cards makes getting started easy. Whether your location or past experiences make this journey seem daunting – don’t worry; we will help take care of everything from start to finish so all that’s left is living life better than ever before.

At the end of the day, we want you to have confidence in Quick Med Cards. We understand that the medical cannabis market might feel complex and overwhelming at times, but we guarantee that we’ll make things simple for you. However, the only way we can actually illustrate this to you is when you choose to use our services.