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Our company is currently in 19 states and is the #1 largest in Maine for medical marijuana consultations and expanding across the United States. As an alternative to opiates, medical marijuana is a fast-growing part of healthcare. We have a patient app and a healthcare provider app. We have customer service staff available 7 days a week 9am-9pm and excellent app user experience. You can see the patient web app at

Our business model is as follows: We send you patients. We pay you per patient. And we give you technology for free to make processing those patients easy, quick, and efficient.

After putting in the required information, patients see the appointment times available for our medical professionals in their area. You will set the hours during which you’ll be available for appointments, anything from 1-2 hours on certain days to a full shift. Compensation is based on the market rate for the professional. We expect the average appointment to last 5-10 minutes, with 5 minutes of electronic paperwork subsequently.

Providers will have advanced notice on appointments of at least 1 day so that they can plan their day easily. This job is ideal as a way to earn extra income. Providers can list a handful of hours per week when they’re available for video visits, such as shortly before or after their day job, so as to batch appointments for efficiency.

Got any questions?

Please see our FAQs for Doctors and Nurses to learn more about our platform and working with our team.

To include in your application: 

What town and state do you currently live in?
Do you have an office room or quiet place where you video chat with the patients that we send to you?
When is the soonest that you can start?


  • Appropriate credentials.
  • High empathy and kindness.
  • Character suitable to our company’s values.

To apply, email [email protected]