Minnesota (MN) Medical Cannabis Program Registration

Medical content reviewed by Dr. Shatha Atiya on March 6, 2024

Welcome to the best guide on registering for the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program!

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  • How do I register for the Minnesota medical marijuana card?
  • What should I know about the MN Medical Cannabis Program?
  • What are the guidelines for medical cannabis patients in Minnesota?

All the information on this page comes from the official MN Department of Health website. So, you can trust you are reading an accurate and up-to-date resource. Let’s proceed.

Registering for the MN Medical Cannabis Program

While recreational cannabis is legal in the state, having a medical marijuana card in Minnesota has its benefits. With a medical card, you can buy more cannabis products, access higher-quality strains, and benefit from lower prices. And even better? Getting a Minnesota medical marijuana card has never been easier!

To obtain a Minnesota medical marijuana card, you’ll need to start by getting a recommendation from a healthcare provider registered with the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Registry. And this process just got easier and more accessible with the recent approval of telemedicine appointments. You can now schedule a video call with one of our qualified MN medical marijuana doctors from the comfort of your own home. First, fill out our short questionnaire form and book our online consultation. Don’t let the hassle of traditional doctor’s office visits hold you back any longer. Get started on your journey to relief and treatment with a Minnesota medical cannabis card today.

You should also note that cannabis doctors can only certify individuals suffering from a qualifying condition. Often, the doctor will consider cannabis treatment if you are suffering from:

  • A chronic disease whose prescription medication could lead to physical or psychological dependence.
  • Or a chronic medical condition that causes severe, debilitating psychiatric disorders.

Find out all the qualifying ailments for a medical card on the MN medical marijuana 2024 list of conditions.

What are the Criteria for MN Medical Cannabis Registration?

Patients are required to have a certification from a licensed marijuana physician before they can start their application for a Minnesota medical marijuana card. 

Following your appointment, the doctor will submit an initial registration for you in Minnesota’s online Medical Cannabis Patient Registry. Your medical marijuana recommendation is sent via email from the Office of Medical Cannabis. Afterward, you can complete your registration with the Medical Cannabis Program through the enrollment link from your email. You can find the DOH guide on How to Register for the Medical Cannabis Program.

Before beginning your MN medical cannabis registration you should first make sure you meet the criteria below:

  • The minimum age for adult patient registration is 18 years old.
  • If the patient is a minor, their parent or legal guardian must register as a caregiver and apply on their behalf.
  • Only residents of Minnesota may apply for the medical cannabis program.

*Please note: Out-of-state applicants are not eligible to receive a medical card in Minnesota.

Which documents do I need for the MN medical cannabis registration?

To complete your MN medical cannabis registration, you must have the following documents ready for upload:

1. Government-issued ID indicating your physical address in Minnesota. For example:

  • Minnesota ID
  • Minnesota driver’s license

2. If the patient is a minor, their parent or legal guardian must upload a copy of the minor’s birth certificate, legal documentation of guardianship, or foster care.

When did the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program Start?

With the approval of the SF 2470 document on May 29th, 2014, immediately signed into law the next day, all state-level criminal penalties for the use and possession of medical marijuana were removed, paving the way for the creation of the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program. 

Following this monumental signing, the Minnesota Department of Health allowed its patients access to the state’s MMP. Henceforth, all patients holding a physician recommendation that stated their qualifying condition could now apply for a patient ID card and benefit from medical marijuana treatment.

And the progress did not stop there. Minnesota’s marijuana laws received significant updates in 2020 as well. For example, the program’s list of approved medical conditions includes a variety of patient symptoms, from intractable pain to PTSD; to some of its more recent additions, sickle cell disease, and chronic motor disorder, which were added in August 2020.

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Guidelines for Registered MN Medical Cannabis Patients

Once you have received your approval email, and have registered with the MMP database, you should head to a Cannabis Patient Center. When doing so, make sure you bring your appointment summary and a list of medications you currently use. The pharmacist will then review your account and recommend a specific dose and type of medical marijuana. Take note of the fact that patients enrolled in the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program do not have the freedom to choose their products.

While obtaining a medical marijuana ID card in Minnesota involves an easy application process, coupled with a beneficial result, your newly earned patient status is as much a privilege as it is a responsibility. Being an MN medical marijuana patient means that:

  • Your patient status provides you with access to a 90-day supply of marijuana. The recommending physician will determine the right quantity for your treatment. There is no legal reason for you to have any marijuana beyond that limit.
  • The only authorized locations for marijuana-related purchases are state-approved dispensaries. The court of law prohibits personal sales and you should NOT engage with them in any way, shape, or form.
  • If your treatment includes hashish-based products OR any other type of marijuana concentrate, know that the regulations for unlawful use remain the same. The state of MN treats hash and concentrates as it treats marijuana – as a Schedule I drug.
  • Marijuana paraphernalia (such as bongs, tobacco blunts, and rolling paper) is NOT necessary for any type of marijuana treatment. You have no legal excuse for possessing such an item, or, similar to cultivation, to be using it to create your medication.

Minnesota drug testing laws apply to medical marijuana and employment law. Legally speaking, Minnesota employers can engage in pre-employment drug testing only after giving the applicant a job offer. Moreover, as per MN drug testing policies, the applicant must receive written notice before being subject to a test of this nature.

Minnesota medical marijuana dispensaries

There are 15 medical marijuana dispensaries or Cannabis Patient Centers (CPC) in Minnesota. Green Goods dominates in terms of dispensary numbers with active locations in Blaine, Bloomington, Burnsville, Duluth/Hermantown, Minneapolis, Moorhead, Rochester, and Woodbury. Rise Dispensaries comes in second with seven operational medical marijuana dispensaries in Minnesota.

For a complete account of the registered dispensaries in Minnesota, check out the MDOH official list of licensed Cannabis Patient Center locations.

Before heading to a Minnesota medical marijuana dispensary to buy your medicine, log in to the Medical Cannabis Registry and complete the Patient Self-evaluation report–this is necessary before all dispensary visits.

Most importantly, medicinal cannabis in Minnesota is available in any delivery method that doesn’t require the use of dried leaves or plant form. For instance:

  • Topicals
  • Liquid
  • Pills
  • Vaporizers

Key Highlights

  • The Minnesota Department of Health oversees the state’s medical marijuana program.
  • A Minnesota cannabis doctor must certify you for MMJ, and you must complete an application on the Medical Cannabis Registry to get your MN medical marijuana card.
  • There is no state fee for the Minnesota medical marijuana card.
  • Your MN medical card lets you buy and possess a 90-day supply of medical cannabis.

Common Questions about the MN Medical Cannabis Program

Below are the answers to common questions patients have about the MN Medical Cannabis Program.

Does Minnesota have medical marijuana?

Yes. Registered cannabis patients in Minnesota have had access to medical marijuana since July 1, 2015.

The only forms of medical marijuana available then were pills, liquids, and vapor oil. Now, topicals, lozenges, gum, and mints are also available to patients.

    Where can I find a healthcare practitioner to certify me?

    You can find a licensed healthcare practitioner who specializes in medical marijuana treatment here at Quick Med Cards.

    All you need to do is create your account by filling out the information form and uploading the necessary documents, including your medical records. Next, you can book an appointment with an MN medical marijuana doctor near you.

    Does the MN Medical Cannabis Program issue cards to patients?

    The Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program does not issue physical medical cards.

    If you need proof of participation in the program, you can log in to your registry account and print your digital Registry Verification Card.

    How much does it cost to get medical marijuana in Minnesota?

    Minnesota scraped the enrollment fees for the medical marijuana card on July 1, 2023. So, the only fee you pay is during your online evaluation with your MMJ doctor. Quick Med Cards is the cheapest provider, with costs starting from $45 to $149.

    Medical marijuana products in Minnesota will cost between $30 to $80. But this depends on the type and amount of medical marijuana you buy.

    What types of products are available in Minnesota?

    Pills, vapor oil, and liquid forms were the first types of cannabis products available at launch. Later, topicals, granules, powders, sprinkles, lozenges, gums, mints, plus buccal and sublingual tablets became available.

    Registered patients aged 21 years and above should have access to dried raw cannabis from March 1, 2022.

    When will dried raw cannabis be available to registered patients 21 and older?

    Dried raw cannabis should be available from March 1, 2022. Or earlier if the testing labs and administrative rules are ready before then.

    Still, this does not mean that patients can cultivate marijuana. Instead, they must obtain their dried cannabis from a registered manufacturer.

    Can I purchase cannabis in Minnesota with a card from another state?

    No. The Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program does not recognize out-of-state MMJ cards. So, visiting patients cannot buy, use, or possess medical marijuana in Minnesota.

    Only MN residents registered with the Medical Cannabis Program can access medical marijuana in the state.

    Can I smoke marijuana in public in Minnesota?

    No. You cannot smoke marijuana in public places in Minnesota. Spaces such as schools, the workplace, and public parks are out of bounds.

    Can I grow my own marijuana in Minnesota?

    Yes. Minnesota marijuana laws allow adults aged 21 and older to grow at most eight (8) cannabis plants at home.

    Patient Resources and Forms

    Contact details for the Minnesota Office of Medical Cannabis

    State Agency: Minnesota Department of Health

    Phone: 651-201-5598 or 844-879-3381 (toll-free)

    Mailing Address:

    Office of Medical Cannabis
    PO Box 64975
    St. Paul, MN 55164-0975

    Email: health.cannabis@state.mn.us

    Website: https://www.health.state.mn.us/people/cannabis/index.html