West Virginia Medical Marijuana Program (WV MMP)

Medically reviewed by Dr. Shatha Atiya on December 19, 2023 

When applying for the WV medical marijuana card, individuals must register as patients with the West Virginia Medical Marijuana Program (WV MMP). Moreover, the program requires patients to get a marijuana certification from a medical marijuana doctor in the state before beginning their application.

This page highlights important information patients should know about the West Virginia medical marijuana program. After going over the contents of this page, you should be well informed about what the WV MMP requires from you. Additionally, the information below should make it easy to apply for your medical marijuana card in WV. Start your West Virginia medical marijuana card application by booking an appointment with a WV medical marijuana doctor near you.

Registering with the West Virginia Medical Marijuana Program

Registering as a patient with the West Virginia Medical Marijuana Program is an easy process that you can complete online. But as mentioned earlier, you must have a marijuana certification from a qualified cannabis doctor in the state before you begin.

Quick Med Cards connects patients seeking medicinal cannabis with qualified medical marijuana doctors in WV accepting new patients. To make the process of getting certified for medical marijuana easy, patients can have their marijuana evaluation online through a video call. Appointments only take 10 to 15 minutes, after which eligible patients get the marijuana certification that they need to apply for the WV medical card.

To begin, complete our sign-up form to create an account with Quick Med Cards. Next, pick a time that is convenient for your online appointment. During your consultation, you and your MMJ doctor will have a conversation about medical marijuana. And if you are eligible, you will get certified in minutes.

It is worth noting that medical marijuana doctors in West Virginia only certify patients that suffer from an illness approved by the WV Medical Marijuana Program. So, if your medical condition is not on the list, it is unlikely that your doctor will certify you for medical marijuana. Usually, the doctor will consider cannabis treatment if you’re suffering from either:

  • A chronic medical condition that is normally treated with a prescription medication that could lead to physical or psychological dependence.
  • A chronic medical condition that causes severe, debilitating psychiatric disorders.

Go here to see the WV medical marijuana 2023 list of conditions

How can I Apply for a Medical Card Online in WV?

After your medical marijuana doctor issues your marijuana certification, you should visit the West Virginia Medical Cannabis Portal and create an account. Then, after successfully creating your account, complete your application for the WV medical marijuana card.

There are specific eligibility requirements you must meet to have a successful WV medical marijuana application. They include:

  • One must be a resident of West Virginia.
  • Patients must be at least 18 years old.
  • Patients under 18 years old may qualify if their parent or legal guardian registers on their behalf. Additionally, the parent or legal guardian must register as a caregiver.
  • Patients must be suffering from at least one of the 15 qualifying medical conditions for West Virginia medical marijuana and have a Patient Certification form (marijuana certification) to back it up.

*Please note: Only West Virginia residents can apply for the WV medical marijuana card.

Which documents do I need to apply for a medical marijuana card in WV?

You must upload the following documents when applying for the WV medical marijuana card online:

1. Photo identification. For instance:

  • West Virginia driver’s license
  • WV ID card

2. Proof of WV residency. For example:

  • WV utility bills, not more than 60 days old from the application date
  • Tax records with a WV street address
  • West Virginia mortgage documents, homeowner insurance for a WV residence, or proof of West Virginia home ownership
  • West Virginia Voter’s registration card

3. Digital photo of passport quality.

4. A complete patient certification form (marijuana certification) from an approved WV medical marijuana doctor.

5. Proof of income or eligibility for benefits at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. (If requesting a financial hardship waiver of the required government fee)

*Once you complete and submit your application, you must mail the $50 payment via check or money order to:

WV Office of Medical Cannabis Address:

350 Capitol Street, Room 523, Charleston, WV 25301.

*The Application ID number and patient name must be in the memo line of the check or money order.

When did the WV Medical Marijuana Program Start?

West Virginia legalized medical marijuana for certain conditions when Governor Justice signed Senate Bill 386 into law; on April 19, 2017. Four years down the line and the law has undergone amendments in 2018 and 2019 to include more qualifying conditions and bolster the medical marijuana program.

On February 3, 2021, WV established the Office of Medical Cannabis. As a result, residents could join the WV medical marijuana program through an online application process. January 29, 2021, saw West Virginia’s budding marijuana program blossom when 100 dispensary permits were issued. It’s now 2023, and there are 51 operational dispensaries in West Virginia.

Medical Card Guidelines in WV

West Virginia marijuana laws protect patients with valid WV medical cards from prosecution on marijuana-related offenses. But, patients must follow the WV medical card guidelines to enjoy the privileges provided by the law. Some basic medical card guidelines are:

  • Patients cannot possess more than a 30-day supply of medical cannabis. If they violate this law, they may be guilty of a misdemeanor.
  • Neither patients nor caregivers can share medical cannabis with individuals not registered with the WV Medical Cannabis Program. Doing so would lead to a felony offense.
  • Also, patients may risk a felony charge if they alter, fortify, contaminate, or change the purity of medical marijuana they get from a WV dispensary.
  • Additionally, patients cannot engage in any task under the influence of medical cannabis if doing so may result in negligence, professional malpractice, or professional misconduct.
  • Possessing or using medical cannabis in a state correctional facility or Regional Jail Authority facility is illegal.

Where to find dispensaries in West Virginia

The are 51 operational dispensaries in West Virginia.

Find a West Virginia medical marijuana dispensary near you on the Official Office of Medical Cannabis Website.

Buying medical marijuana in WV

You can buy various forms of medical marijuana from WV dispensaries. For instance:

  • Cannabis flower
  • Cannabis pills
  • Topical forms such as gels, ointments, and creams
  • Forms medically appropriate for administration by nebulization and vaporization
  • Tinctures
  • Dermal patches
  • Liquids

Common Questions about the West Virginia Medical Marijuana Program

Below are the answers to common questions patients have about the West Virginia Medical Marijuana Program.

Does WV have medical marijuana available?

Yes. You can get medical marijuana from any of the 51 operational dispensaries in West Virginia.

Various forms of medical marijuana available in WV dispensaries include raw flower, vapes, and extracts.

    Can the WV Medical Marijuana Program refer me to a cannabis specialist?

    The WV Medical Marijuana Program does not refer patients to medical marijuana doctors. But, finding a cannabis specialist in West Virginia near you is easy through Quick Med Cards.

    All you need to do is create an account and pick a time for your online appointment with your cannabis doctor. Consultations usually take 10 to 15 minutes, and marijuana certifications are issued shortly after to qualifying patients.

    Do I have to be a resident of West Virginia to obtain a medical cannabis card?

    Yes. Only residents of West Virginia can get a medical cannabis card.

    During the application, patients must submit proof of West Virginia residency to verify this. It can be in the form of WV utility bills not more than 60 days old, tax records with a WV street address, WV mortgage documents, or a WV bank statement.

    Can I buy medical cannabis with my WV card in another state?

    You can only use your MMJ card in West Virginia and states with reciprocity.

    Reciprocity laws vary across states, so ensure you are familiar with the regulations before attempting to buy or possess medical marijuana in another state.

    Can I get edibles in WV?

    Edible cannabis is illegal in WV, and you cannot buy them from authorized dispensaries.

    Approved forms of medical marijuana you can obtain from WV dispensaries include flower, pills, oils, topicals such as gels and ointments, tinctures, liquids, or dermal patches. Additionally, marijuana medically appropriate for administration by vaporization or nebulization is legal.

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    Patient Resources and Forms

    Contact details for the West Virginia Office of Medical Cannabis

    State Agency: West Virginia Department of Health & Human Resources

    Phone: 304-356-5090

    Fax: 304-558-0035


    Office of Medical Cannabis
    350 Capitol Street, Room 523, Charleston, West Virginia 25301

    Email: medcanwv@wv.gov

    Website: https://omc.wv.gov/Pages/default.aspx

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