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5 Reasons You Should Consider Getting a Medical Card in Delaware

By QUICKMEDCARDS | February 23, 2024 | Laws & Regulation, Guides

The legalization of recreational weed in Delaware received a lot of fanfare when the news broke. However, the excitement quickly died down when residents realized they had to wait until 2024 to buy adult-use cannabis from licensed dispensaries in Delaware. 

Recreational cannabis users still need to wait a while longer. However, even those with a valid medical marijuana card have started to ask questions like, “Do I still need to get a medical card now that adult-use cannabis is on the horizon?”

The answer is, it depends. There are still many reasons to get a medical marijuana card in Delaware. At least according to the thousands of patients we have served in Delaware. Let’s take a look at House Bill 1 and House Bill 2 to paint a picture of how the recreational landscape will look next year.

As a medical marijuana patient, you can look forward to the following benefits of your medical card:

  • Immediate access to dispensaries in Delaware.
  • Cheaper marijuana.
  • Larger possession limits.

Read on to discover more reasons to get a medical marijuana card in Delaware now and even after the first recreational sale happens.

Delaware Recreational Weed

Delaware legalized recreational marijuana on April 23, 2023, and in the process, became the 22nd state in the US to do so. It is worth noting that the Delaware weed laws (HB1 and HB2) passed without the Governor’s signature. Gov. Carney opposed the drive, citing concerns over the potential effects on children’s health, road safety, and the state’s image.

Recreational weed becoming legal in Delaware means that residents aged 21 and over can lawfully buy, possess, and use cannabis. Delaware is still hashing out the regulations to govern the recreational program. So, it may take until 2024 for the first round of recreational licenses to be issued and for cannabis products to become available.

The differences between medical and recreational weed in Delaware

Since recreational weed is not available in Delaware yet, a direct comparison with medical marijuana may not be possible. Still, based on the marijuana laws, there are some differences we could expect, for example:

  • Medical marijuana in Delaware requires patient registration. Meanwhile, recreational cannabis will be available for anyone over 21 with a valid ID.
  • Medical users can possess up to six (6) ounces of cannabis versus one (1) ounce for recreational consumers.
  • Recreational users will face a 15% marijuana tax on their purchases. However, medical marijuana is exempt from taxes.
  • Medical marijuana patients have immediate access to diverse cannabis products and strains from dispensaries. Currently, recreational users must wait for retail license issuance to see what will be made available.

Reasons to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Delaware

Even when recreational weed does become readily available, here are some reasons you might want to hold onto your medical marijuana card:


Instant access to Delaware dispensaries.


A wide selection of cannabis products.


Cheaper marijuana.


Greater possession limits.


No age restriction on MMJ.

1. Immediate access to Delaware marijuana dispensaries

The most obvious reason to get an MMJ card today is the access it gives you to dispensaries in the state. Presently, all the dispensaries in Delaware are only licensed to sell cannabis to patients with valid medical cards. So, with a medical card, you would have access to cannabis products.

2. Get the best medical marijuana strains

Another benefit of having an MMJ card in Delaware is getting the best medical marijuana strains. Consistently, since 2011, dispensaries in Delaware have supplied potent and effective cannabis products to their patients. 

Besides many strains, you also have a selection of medical marijuana products:


  • gummies, 
  • tinctures, 
  • vaporizers, 
  • and concentrates.

3. Medical vs. recreational prices

Recreational weed may not be on the dispensary shelves just yet. However, there could be a significant price difference between medical and recreational marijuana. And medical marijuana is likely to be the cheaper option. 

Why? Medical marijuana is tax-free and remains so even after recreational legalization. Conversely, adult-use cannabis will be subject to a 15% marijuana tax. A 15% bump in price is a significant one. And many things may factor into the cost of cannabis, for instance, the product quality and dispensary location.

It may be too early to say conclusively that medical weed will be cheaper than recreational. Still, the Delaware weed laws, plus data from other states with medical and recreational programs, suggest so. So, a Delaware medical card could be the key to cheaper weed.

4. Greater possession & buying limits

There are different marijuana possession limits for medical and recreational consumers in Delaware. As a patient with a valid medical marijuana card, you can legally have up to six ounces of marijuana. That limit drops to one ounce of recreational marijuana for adults aged 21 and over.

Why do medical consumers get more marijuana? Patients may need larger amounts of cannabis to treat their debilitating illnesses.

5. No age limits

In Delaware, recreational marijuana is only legal for those 21 or older–a standard age limit for most states. Yet, there is no age restriction for MMJ. Adults below 21 and minors may qualify for medical cannabis in Delaware. 

In the case of patients under 18, their parent or legal guardian must consent to cannabis treatment and act as a caregiver. Moreover, only pediatric specialists can certify patients younger than 18 for medicinal marijuana.


When it comes to cannabis use in Delaware, recreational weed is the obvious choice for those looking to unwind and have some fun. However, for individuals with a chronic or debilitating condition, a Delaware medical marijuana card is the superior option. 

The benefits of the Delaware medical card include:

  • Immediate access to state-licensed dispensaries.
  • A diverse selection of cannabis products.
  • Cheaper cannabis.
  • Larger possession limits.

Most importantly, those with chronic conditions can receive personalized medical guidance from licensed medical marijuana doctors in the state. 

How to Get a Medical Card in Delaware – The Cheap & Quick Way

Getting a medical marijuana card in Delaware is easy if you meet these requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old. Or be a pediatric patient with parental consent.
  • A physician must diagnose you with an illness on the Delaware medical marijuana list of conditions.
  • A Delaware cannabis doctor must complete and sign your Health Care Practitioner Certification.
  • Finally, you must be a resident of Delaware with proof of residency, for example, a DE Driver’s License or DE State ID.

If you check off all the items in the list above, getting your medical card should be smooth sailing. Follow the prompts below to schedule your telemedicine appointment.

Click the Button and complete our patient questionnaire.

Select a time for your appointment with the doctor.

Attend your consultation over video call and get certified for medical marijuana.

We can’t wait to help you on your journey to healing and a better quality of life–Quick Med Cards, the cheapest and fastest medical card provider in Delaware.

Questions about the Medical Marijuana Card Benefits in Delaware

Do you still have questions about the benefits of a Delaware medical marijuana card? Find the answers below.

Can you buy weed in Delaware without a medical card?

No. Currently, all marijuana dispensaries in Delaware only sell medical cannabis. And since recreational sales are yet to start, only those with a Delaware medical card can buy weed.

Where can I buy recreational marijuana in Delaware?

There are no licensed recreational dispensaries in Delaware at the moment. As a result, you cannot buy state-approved weed until 2024, when the state issues recreational licenses. But you can purchase medical cannabis from any of the 12 dispensaries if you have an MMJ card.

Is it legal to smoke weed in Delaware?

Yes, it is legal to smoke weed in Delaware if you stick to the following rules:

  • Do not smoke marijuana in public or anywhere smoking is forbidden.
  • Smoking in a parked car is also illegal, as well as driving under the influence of cannabis.
  • Do not smoke on federal grounds or buildings.

It is best to consume cannabis at home or a friend’s place to avoid any legal risks.

What about drug testing in Delaware?

A Delaware medical marijuana card does not exclude you from drug testing in the workplace. However, it may protect you from discrimination or termination based on your status as a cardholder or a positive drug test result for marijuana. Still, this safeguard is void if you use, possess, or get impaired during work hours. Moreover, your employer may take action if they are federal contractors or receive federal funding.

Can you grow weed in Delaware?

No. Whether you are a medical marijuana patient or a recreational user, growing marijuana plants is illegal in Delaware.

Are edibles legal in Delaware?

Yes, edibles are legal in Delaware. Marijuana dispensaries stock an array of cannabis edibles like gummies, cannabis-infused hot sauce, cookies, brownies, and chewables. However, only patients with valid Delaware medical marijuana cards can buy these items. Recreational weed consumers will have to wait for adult-use sales to start.

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