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Did you know that Maine marijuana laws are among the most progressive in the country? This means that, gaining access to medical marijuana in Maine is fairly simple and straightforward. There’s no need to deal with lengthy application processes or waiting-lines for state approval. 

In fact, all a Mainer needs, is to be certified by a licensed doctor. If you’re certified, we will send your medical marijuana ID card directly to you. And if you’re not approved by our doctor, you get a full refund from us. 

With QuickMedCards, it only takes a few minutes to sign up, then you can easily book an online consultation with a licensed doctor.

Our specialists can help you get certified in minutes!

Speak with our licensed doctor

It only takes 5 minutes to sign up and fill out our basic questionnaire form. Then you can go ahead and book your appointment.

Get approved

All of our doctors in Maine are licensed to recommend medical marijuana. The online consultations takes around 10 minutes.

Receive your Medical Marijuana Card

If you’re approved, we’ll send out the physical medical marijuana ID card in the mail. It may take up to 5-7 business days for your card to arrive.

Benefits of QuickMedCards

What You Receive

if approved

1 Year MMJ Recommendation

24/7 Dispensary Verification

Signed Certification

Instant PDF Download

Includes State Paperwork Fee

Our prices include the State Paperwork Fee that other providers usually charge for separately. Other fees that a patient must pay directly to the government must be paid by the patient.


Money back guarantee

Don’t worry about whether you’ll be approved for Med card. We’ll issue a refund if you are not approved. 


Get a Bonus gift!

You get $30 of free CBD when approved for a med card.

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All the doctors and nurse practitioners that we work with are licensed in-state to legally certify patients for Medical Marijuana treatment.


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Medical Marijuana use Program (MMMP)

How to get your Maine Medical Marijuana Card Online

Are you looking for medical marijuana doctors in Maine who are accepting new patients? Want to learn more about medical marijuana cards in Maine and how it works? Uncertain about your medical condition?

Whatever the case, we are here to help. Our medical marijuana doctors can help you figure out if cannabis treatment is the best solution for your health and well-being.

Remember, it is optional for patients to register for the Maine Medical Marijuana use Program (MMMP). However, the state requires patients to have a Maine Medical Marijuana Card to buy from dispensaries.

1. Sign up at QuickMedCards

Firstly, fill out the basic information form. Secondly, upload your government-issued ID. For example, your Maine ID or Drivers License. Finally, upload your relevant medical records.

2. Book your Online Medical Marijuana Evaluation

Pick a time convenient for you and see a licensed doctor in the state of Maine. It only takes about 10 minutes for our doctor to certify you.

3. Get your Maine Medical Marijuana Card

After your appointment, you will receive your signed Maine Medical Cannabis ID. We take care of printing and sending you the physical card. It’s that easy!


How we help people get Medical Marijuana in Maine

1. Fast and convenient service

Speed and convenience are a priority for us. From no paperwork to short appointment wait times.

At QuickMedCards we strive to make your experience as quick and easy as possible.

2. Lowest price in the state of Maine

We pride ourselves on putting our patients before profit. Therefore, you can expect value for your money.

3. Licensed medical professionals in Maine

Looking for a qualified doctor to recommend cannabis treatment should be easy. That is why, our licensed doctors are available to you online at the click of a cutton. They’re compassionate and knowledgable. 

4. Outstanding customer support

Our reviews speak of our attention to detail and excellence in customer processing. Importantly, we are always ready to help make the process as smooth as possible.

5. Get approved or get a refund

We are rooting for you to get approved. However, if you do not receive your marijuana card you can expect a full refund from us.


Requirements & Patient Eligibility

The state of Maine has made significant progress in making medical marijuana accessible to its residents.

Firstly, all qualifying conditions from the medical program were eliminated. Therefore, patients are allowed access to medical cannabis on the recommendation of a certified medical professional.

Secondly, registration into the Maine Marijuana use Program is now voluntary. Giving Mainers to choose whether they want to register for the program once they have been issued a Medical Marijuana Card.

Before you book your appointment with our licensed doctors, you should take note of the following requirements:

  • You must be eighteen (18) years or older in order to apply.

* Any patient who is younger than eighteen (18) years of age at the time of application is required to have a designated and registered ‘Approved Caregiver’ applying on their behalf.

  • You have to be a registered resident in the state of Maine with valid proof of residency.

* Proof of residency usually takes the form of a state-issued ID Card or a state-issued Driver’s License.

Not from Maine?
Check out the Other States we cover.

How to renew your Medical Marijuana card


Please note – Your medical MMJ recommendation is only valid for 1 year. After that time, you will need to be re-evaluated by one of our licensed medical MMJ doctors. However, you don’t have to worry your license expiring. When it’s time to renew your license, You’ll receive an email from us before your patient certification and ID card expires.


Important – If you are a caregiver, your Registry ID is only valid for the same period as your patient’s medical MMJ card. When your patient’s card expires, they will need to get a new certification from their doctor. After your patient has successfully renewed their med card, you will need to renew your registry card as well. You need to make sure that you have a valid Registry ID card when buying from a dispensary.


How to Renew:


1. Visit a Medical Marijuana Doctor
If you are a returning QuickMedCards patient, you can book a follow-up appointment to renew your certification.

If this is your first time using QuickMedCards, you need to complete our Patient Questionnare form first.

2. Receive Your New Medical Marijuana Certification
Once you’re certified by our doctor, your new marijuana card will be mailed to your address. The new marijuana certification will have an issue date for the day after your original one expires.

Giving Back

We will donate to charity for every appointment booking.

We take suggestions from customers like you.

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Help injured veterans live a better life after they've served our country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there qualifying conditions for Medical Marijuana In Maine?

As mentioned above, any medical condition may qualify you for medical marijuana in Maine, as long as a licensed marijuana doctor recommends this form of treatment for your health.

Is Marijuana Legal in Maine?

Yes. Interestingly, Maine allowed medical use of Marijuana since 1999 and approved recreational use in 2016. However, one is still required to have a valid medical marijuana card to purchase from Maine dispensaries.

Can I renew my Maine Cannabis Card Online?

Yes, you can easily renew your ceritification online with us. Your certification and Medical Marijuana ID card are only valid for one year each. However, hefore the period runs out, we will send you a reminder to renew your certification.

Can someone under eighteen years old get a MMJ card?

Yes, qualified patients under eighteen can get marijuana certification from our doctor in Maine. However, minor patients must have a registered caregiver in order to apply for a medical marijuana card. 

Can I use my Marijuana Medical Card in another state?

Yes. You can use your Maine Cannabis Card in reciprocal states. For example, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Washington, and Washington DC.

Maine also accepts out-of-state MMJ cards from specific states.

Can you get a Maine medical marijuana card online?

Yes. Quickmedcards offers online marijuana evaluations through telemedicine. So, patients can attend their appointment from their computer or mobile devices. Furthermore, patients receive their Maine medical marijuana cards through the mail at their home address. 

How is the consultation done? Do I video call with the doctor?

Yes, you will video call with your cannabis doctor on Doxy is free, easy to use, and secure. Thus, the best way to video call with a medical provider.

First, we send you a secure video call link 10 minutes before your appointment. 

Further, your computer or mobile device must have a camera and a stable internet connection during the video call. 

To avoid any complications during your appointment, verify that your device is ready by doing a test call with the link:

During your video call, you and your doctor will discuss how medical pot could be beneficial for your treatment.

How do I find a registered marijuana doctor in Maine?

Register with QuickMedCards and get access to qualified medical cannabis doctors in ME.

What is the cost of the Maine medical marijuana card?

It costs $79 in total for your 420 evaluation, certification and physical medical marijuana ID card with QuickMedCards. The state does not charge an annual registration fee. 

Are digital/ electronic /temporary patient certifications valid?

No. Digital or temporary MMJ cards are not an acceptable form of identification to use when buying medical marijuana in Maine dispensaries. Mostly, we don’t recommend using a digital or temporary card, even though there are still some dispensaries that accept them. However, it is up to the dispensary to accept or reject the temp card. 

A Maine medical marijuana card is only valid if it is a document signed by a medical provider on a tamper-resistant paper. That’s why we take care of printing and sending all our patients their physical cards, so you don’t have to worry. 

Will I receive a physical Maine Medical Marijuana Card after approval?

Yes. Our QuickMedCards team will mail your physical marijuana card to your home address. In addition you will also receive a soft copy in your email. All patients must have a signed physical medical marijuana card to buy medical cannabis in Maine. 

How many cannabis dispensaries in Maine?

There are currently eight (8) medical cannabis dispensaries in Maine:

  • Canuvo in Biddeford, ME
  • Wellness Connection in Brewer, Gardiner, and Portland.
  • Maine Organic Therapy in Ellsworth, ME
  • Remedy Compassion Center, DBA Curaleaf in Auburn, ME
  • Safe Alternatives in Caribou, ME

Can I buy cannabis gummies from Maine cannabis dispensaries?

Yes. Medical marijuana dispensaries in Maine offer a variety of cannabis products. For instance, flowers, pre-rolls, vaporizers, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, and topicals.

Can I grow my marijuana when I receive my Maine med card?

Yes. Patients with a valid medical marijuana card in Maine can cultivate cannabis for personal use in their private residence. Also, it is important to consult with your landlord before attempting to grow weed on their property. Moreover, patients can cultivate up to 6 mature or flowering plants. And up to 12 immature plants.

What are the benefits of a Maine medical marijuana card?

Despite Maine legalizing recreational marijuana back in 2016, there are still no licensed recreational dispensaries in the state to buy weed. So, if you have a medical condition that can be treated with pot, it’s better to get a solution right away rather than wait for recreational facilities to be established.

Also, patients under 21 years old will have access to medical marijuana. As it stands right now, recreational cannabis will only be available to residents who are 21 years and older.

Further, medical marijuana patients will not be subject to the agricultural tax required of recreational customers.

Finally, getting a Maine medical marijuana card is a very easy and fast process if you use QuickMedCards. This is because we do 420 evaluations through telemedicine. Thus eliminating waiting times at the doctor’s office. Also, patients receive their med cards minutes after approval.

Can I buy CBD oil with my medical marijuana card in Maine?

Yes. In fact, you do not need a medical marijuana card to buy hemp-derived CBD oil in Maine. This is because CBD products are legal in Maine. Patients that get their MMJ card through quickmedcards receive $30 worth of CBD. Courtesy of

Does depression qualify for medical marijuana in ME?

Yes. Since there is no list of qualifying medical conditions for medical cannabis in Maine, it is up to the doctor to determine if weed will help with the treatment of your condition. Thus, if the doctor finds that medical pot will help ease your depression, you might get certified.

Does back pain qualify for medical marijuana in ME?

Yes, you may qualify for medical marijuana for back pain if the doctor recommends it for your treatment.

Can I get medical marijuana for migraines in Maine?

Yes. Any medical condition may be treated with medical marijuana if the doctor recommends it.


Recommendations from our Community in Maine

The state of Maine is famed for its acres and acres of pine trees and vibrant coastline. It a beautiful place. Unfortunately, sickness can blot out this beauty. And pain can make all these amazing experiences pale. Fortunately for Mainers, access to medical marijuana for relief is within reach. At QuickMedCards, it is our desire that Mainers enjoy their lives. Free from pain and discomfort. That is why getting your Medical Marijuana Card In Maine is a simple and quick process.

The state of Maine has made significant progress in making medical marijuana accessible to its residents.

Firstly, all qualifying conditions from the medical program were eliminated. Therefore, patients are allowed access to medical cannabis on the recommendation of a certified medical professional.

Secondly, registration into the Maine Marijuana use Program is voluntary. Consequently, Mainers are not required to register for the program if they have been issued with a Medical Marijuana Card by a certified doctor.

As a result, these changes improved the uptake of medical marijuana among the residents of Maine. As a matter of fact, 6,069 Marijuana certificates were printed in November 2020.

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