New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program

Medically reviewed by Dr. Shatha Atiya on March 7, 2024

When applying for the NM medical marijuana card, individuals must register as patients with the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program (MCP). But, patients can only register with the MCP after an NM cannabis doctor certifies them for medical marijuana. Later, certified patients can complete their application on the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program Patient Portal.

This page contains all the relevant information patients should know about the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program (MCP). After reviewing the contents of this page, you will understand what the New Mexico MCP expects from applying patients. Additionally, this information should make the New Mexico medical marijuana card application simple. You can start your New Mexico medical card application today by booking an online appointment with an NM MMJ doctor.

How do I Get Medical Marijuana through the New Mexico Cannabis Program?

To get medical marijuana through the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program, a medical marijuana doctor in NM must first certify you for medical marijuana. Then, you must register as a patient on the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program Patient Portal and apply for a medical marijuana card. If the MCP approves your application, you will get a New Mexico medical card, which enables you to lawfully buy, use, and possess medical cannabis in the state.

It is worth noting that New Mexico no longer requires first-time patients to have in-person appointments. So, you can get your cannabis certification after a video call with one of our cannabis doctors in NM.

Online consultations with NM MMJ doctors are easy and affordable through Quick Med Cards. First, fill out the information form to create your account. Then, pick a convenient time for your appointment with one of our state-approved cannabis providers. After attending your consultation via video call, which may take 10 to 15 minutes, our cannabis doctor will provide a marijuana certification if you qualify.

You should note that physicians only certify individuals suffering from one of the qualifying conditions for a medical card in New Mexico. So, if your illness is not eligible, it is unlikely that a medical marijuana doctor will approve medical cannabis as a form of treatment. Usually, the doctor will consider cannabis treatment if you’re suffering from either:

  • A chronic medical condition that is normally treated with a prescription medication that could lead to physical or psychological dependence.
  • A chronic medical condition that causes severe, debilitating psychiatric disorders.

Registering for the New Mexico Cannabis Program

As mentioned earlier, a cannabis doctor must certify you for medical marijuana before registering as a patient with the New Mexico Cannabis Program. Once you get your complete marijuana certification, visit the New Mexico MCP Patient Portal and start your medical card application.

Besides your marijuana certification, there are a few other New Mexico medical marijuana card requirements you must satisfy for a successful application. For instance:

  • Adult patients must be at least 18 years old to apply.
  • Minor patients must have a caregiver such as their parents apply on their behalf. Additionally, caregivers must provide a completed Medical Power of Attorney or legal guardianship document to indicate legal authority when applying for the New Mexico medical card on behalf of minor patients.
  • You must be a New Mexico resident with proof of residency.

*Also, out-of-state patients can use MMJ cards issued by their home state to buy medical marijuana in New Mexico.

Which information do I need to register for the New Mexico Cannabis Program?

You must enter the information below to complete your New Mexico medical marijuana card application.

1. Review and verify the information entered by your NM cannabis doctor.

2. Mailing address. (If not included by your MMJ doctor)

3. Upload a copy of your state-issued identification. For example:

  • New Mexico driver’s license
  • New Mexico ID
  • Temporary New Mexico ID

How do I Apply for a Med Card in New Mexico?

New Mexico recently phased out paper applications for the medical marijuana card. Now, patients must complete their med card applications online through the New Mexico MCP patient portal.

Quick Med Cards makes the entire process easy. Follow the instructions below to get your NM medical card.

1. Book an appointment with a licensed NM MMJ doctor.

2. Attend your online marijuana evaluation via video call.

3. Get certified for medical marijuana.

4. Visit the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program Patient Portal and create your account.

5. Login to your account and complete your New Mexico medical card application.

6. Receive your New Mexico medical card.

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When did the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program Start?

In 1978, New Mexico ventured into unchartered territory when it became the first state to pass legislation allowing the medical use of cannabis. But, it wasn’t until 2007, with the passing of the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act, that New Mexico finally legalized medical marijuana. The purpose was to enable the beneficial use of medical marijuana to relieve symptoms caused by debilitating conditions and their medical treatment in a controlled environment. As a result, the Medical Cannabis Program (MCP), overseen by the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH), was established. Afterward, the NMDOH promulgated the rules of the MCP in 2008 and further revised those rules in 2010.

Guidelines for Medical Cannabis Patients in New Mexico

Although a New Mexico medical marijuana card provides legal protection to patients when handling medical cannabis, there are still rules a patient must follow; or their status as an approved patient may fail to protect them from prosecution or arrest. Some of the New Mexico medical marijuana laws include:

  • Approved patients may not exceed the legal possession limit of 15 ounces of flower or bud.
  • Patients aged 21 and over may not grow more than six (6) mature cannabis plants and six (6) seedlings with at most 12 mature plants per household.
  • Patients and primary caregivers may not sell medical marijuana to other patients or primary caregivers but can transfer excess cannabis to them.
  • Approved patients cannot use medical cannabis at a public park, recreation center, workplace, or any other public place.
  • Finally, patients cannot operate a vehicle while under the influence of cannabis.

New Mexico marijuana dispensaries

There are many marijuana dispensaries in New Mexico where patients can buy medicinal cannabis. Albuquerque and Santa Fe naturally represent the most dispensary-populated areas, with over 45 marijuana dispensaries in Albuquerque and 13 in Santa Fe. 

Find out if there is a New Mexico marijuana dispensary near you on the map of licensed New Mexico Medical Cannabis dispensaries.

Common Questions about the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program

Below are answers to common questions patients have about the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program.

Can the NM Medical Cannabis Program refer me to a cannabis specialist?

No. The New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program does not refer medical cannabis physicians to patients.

However, you can easily find a licensed medical marijuana doctor in New Mexico through Quick Med Cards. All you have to do is sign up and we’ll help you connect with a cannabis specialist near you.

How much marijuana can a patient purchase and possess in New Mexico?

You can possess at most 425 units of medical cannabis over 90 days.

One unit of dried cannabis flower equals one gram. So 425 units are approximately 15 ounces. One unit of products like topicals, oils, edibles, and tinctures matches 200 milligrams or 0.2 grams of THC in the product.

How many plants can you have in New Mexico?

As long as you are aged 21 and over, you can have a maximum of six (6) mature cannabis plants and six (6) immature cannabis plants.

Also, every household is limited to twelve mature plants.

Can I use my New Mexico medical cannabis card outside the state?

Yes, if the state you are visiting approves the New Mexico medical card. Arkansas, Hawaii, and Maine are a few examples of states with marijuana reciprocity.

Reciprocity laws vary between states. Some states require visiting patients to apply for temporary medical cards, while other states let dispensaries sell cannabis directly to patients with out-of-state MMJ cards.

Can I use an out-of-state medical card in New Mexico?

Yes. Patients with valid out-of-state MMJ cards can use them to buy medical marijuana from New Mexico dispensaries.

Moreover, they can possess and use medical cannabis because NM recognizes government-issued medical cards from other states with medical marijuana programs.

Can I get a medical marijuana card in New Mexico if I live in Texas?

No. Only residents of New Mexico can get a medical marijuana card.

The residency requirement came into effect after Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham reinstated it.

Can I use my California medical card in New Mexico?

Yes. You can use your California medical card to buy medical cannabis from a New Mexico marijuana dispensary

Additionally, you can lawfully use and possess marijuana in the state because of the New Mexico reciprocity laws.

Patient Resources and Forms

Contact details for the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program

State Agency: New Mexico Department of Health

Phone: 505-827-2321

Mailing Address:

Department of Health
Medical Cannabis Program
PO Box 26110
Santa Fe, NM, 87502-6110