Pennsylvania (PA) Medical Marijuana Program

Updated on November 26, 2021. Medical content reviewed by Dr. Shatha Atiya.

State Jurisdiction: Pennsylvania Department of Health

Pennsylvania Department of Health
Health and Welfare Building,
8th Floor West
625 Forster Street, Harrisburg, PA 17120

Phone: 888-733-5595
(Hours of operation: 7 AM – 9 PM ET, seven days a week, excluding state holidays.)

Website: Pennsylvania (PA) Medical Marijuana Program

How Does the Medical Marijuana Program Work in PA

The fundamental role of the PA Medical Marijuana Program is to provide access to medical cannabis for patients with severe medical conditions. Additionally, the program ensures that medical marijuana delivered to patients is safe and effective.

The patient registration process and issuance of PA medical cards is one way the program fulfills its responsibilities. And its rulemaking power guarantees that only safe cannabis products make it to patients.

How to Get Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania (PA)

Patients can buy medical marijuana from any dispensary in Pennsylvania as long as they have a valid PA medical card. So, meeting the PA medical marijuana requirements is essential to get medical marijuana in the state.

Registering for the PA Medical Marijuana Program

To be part of the PA Medical Marijuana Program, patients must apply for a PA medical card. Creating an account with the PA Medical Marijuana Program Registry is the first step. Next, patients should book an appointment with a participating PA medical marijuana doctor to get certified.

After you get a recommendation you can complete your application. The final step involves placing an order for the PA medical card itself. All patients should take note of the following application requirements:

  • All applying patients must be residents of Pennsylvania
  • Patients must be at least 18 years old to qualify for the PA medical marijuana program.
  • Still, qualifying minor patients can apply if an approved and registered caregiver makes the application on their behalf.
  • Patients must pay the non-refundable $50 registration fee to complete their registration.
  • Patients must be diagnosed with at least one of the PA medical marijuana conditions.

How to Get your Marijuana Recommendation

Acquiring a Physician Recommendation (marijuana recommendation) from a PA medical marijuana doctor is as easy as filling out our sign-up form and booking an appointment.

Online marijuana evaluations usually take about 10 minutes, giving you and your doctor the chance to discuss why medical marijuana may help improve the quality of your life and mitigate the symptoms of your condition.

The appointment will take place on a video call through Doxy, our telemedicine platform of choice that’s secure and easy to use.

How to Qualify for the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program

As mentioned earlier, a patient must be suffering from one of the PA medical marijuana qualifying conditions to qualify for medical cannabis in the state. Some of the conditions include:

Patients should review the PA medical marijuana qualifying conditions and medical card requirements to see if their medical condition qualifies them and more.

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Laws

With a PA medical card, patients can lawfully purchase and possess medical marijuana without worrying about getting entangled with law enforcement. But, there are limits to these freedoms. So, what do the Pennsylvania marijuana laws say?

  • Patients in the PA medical marijuana program CANNOT grow medical marijuana for personal use on their property.
  • Approved patients shouldn’t possess more than their 30 day supply limit as set by their recommending doctor.
  • Pennsylvania marijuana law doesn’t deem marijuana paraphernalia necessary for any form of medical marijuana treatment and therefore you shouldn’t own or use cannabis paraphernalia.
  • Patients can only obtain medical marijuana from state-approved dispensaries in Pennsylvania. Most importantly, PA’s marijuana law prohibits personal sales, so patients shouldn’t engage with them in any way.

And those only scratch the surface. Find out how you could be a responsible PA medical marijuana patient and the possible penaltiesif you break the Pennsylvania marijuana laws.

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card

Are you interested in knowing what is required to become a medical marijuana patient in Pennsylvania?

Check out how to get a medical marijuana card in PA for extensive information on obtaining a med card, renewing it, as well as any other questions and curiosities you might have.

PA Medical Marijuana Program: Application Process

Need help with the application process? No problem! We’re here to help. 

Go to our Pennsylvania Patient and Caregiver Application Guide and get all the answers you need. 

Pennsylvania Dispensary List

There are many marijuana dispensaries ready to serve patients in Pennsylvania, with Philadephia, Pittsburgh, and Washington leading in dispensary numbers.

For a comprehensive resource of the registered dispensaries in Pennsylvania, check out the PA Medical Marijuana Program Dispensaries List

A Brief History of the Pennsylvania (PA) Medical Marijuana Program  

The Pennsylvania Department of Health took the reigns of the newly established PA Medical Marijuana Program after Governor Wolf legalized medical marijuana on 6th April 2016. However, it took about two years, 15th February 2018 to be precise, for patients to finally obtain medical marijuana from dispensaries in Pennsylvania.

Despite the delay, a domino effect ensued upon legalizing medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. The law scrapped state-level criminal penalties involving the use, possession, and cultivation of marijuana by residents with a signed physician recommendation.