How to Apply For a Medical Marijuana Card in PA

Step-By-Step Guide to Completing Your Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card Application in 2021.

Unlike most states, Pennsylvania requires that a patient register first on the state website before seeing an approved practitioner. 

After your state registration, we will help you get your certification to complete your application for a medical marijuana ID card.  It will only take a few minutes.

    Patient Application Requirements:

    • Proof of Diagnosis with a Qualifying Condition
    • Proof of Pennsylvania Residency
    • Recommendation from a State-Licensed Marijuana Doctor
    • Payment for the Application State Fee – $50.

    Get Your Recommendation  

    If you have your patient ID number but haven’t gotten your recommendation yet, click the button below to book an appointment with our state-licensed doctor.

    Already got your doctor’s recommendation for Medical Marijuana?

    Now it’s time to complete your application by logging onto your account on the state website. Watch the video below to learn the step-by-step process of getting a Medical Cannabis Card in the state of Pennsylvania.

    What’s Next After Getting A Recommendation?

    The PA Medical Marijuana Card Application Process Explained

    Step 1: To begin, visit the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program’s patient registration portal, and fill out the online form. Please take note of your Patient ID number, as you’ll be needing to submit it to the provider during your appointment.

    Step 2: Following your registration, visit our Pennsylvania medical marijuana card page and complete our patient registration form. Watch the video above to find out what you need to do following your appointment.

    Step 3: Once you’ve completed your online application, you’ll need to wait for the state to process your application. The department states that patients must allow 7 days for printing from the date they paid for their ID card, and 14 days to receive it in the mail. The state will mail MMJ cards to the address that was provided in the patient’s profile. 



    Congratulations! In just a couple of weeks, you will get your medical marijuana card delivered right to your doorstep. The state asks that you get your card renewed annually, and will notify you of this 60 days prior to the renewal date. Thankfully, returning QMC patients can simply book an appointment with their original doctor to get their new certification.

    That’s it! You completed the entire process of applying for your medical cannabis card online. You can now reap the benefits of your newly-earned patient status and purchase medical marijuana products from any state dispensary near you.


    If you’ve waited for more than 2 or 3 weeks and your card still hasn’t arrived, or if you have any other questions about the status of your application, you can contact the Pennsylvania MMP directly at 888-733-5595.

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    Buying Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania

    Once you have your Medical Cannabis ID Card, you’ll be able to purchase medical marijuana products from local dispensaries. Keep in mind that the state doesn’t accept out-of-state patients as of May 2021.

    When purchasing medical marijuana at a dispensary, make sure to bring a form of photo identification along with your Medical Marijuana Card, such as your State ID or Pennsylvania Driver’s License.

    MMJ patients are allowed to possess a 30-day supply of cannabis. This quantity differs from patient to patient, and is determined by your recommending physician during your consultation.

    Click below to learn more about the Pennsylvania Cannabis Laws and how they relate to your medical marijuana patient status.


    Patient ID

    Bring your Medical Marijuana ID Card when purchasing your cannabis medicine from a dispensary. You will not be allowed to make anypurchases without it. 


    Photo ID

    In addition to your patient ID you will also be asked to present one more form of photo identification, such as your State ID Card, or your Pennsylvania Driver’s License. 


    Minor Patients & Caregivers

    Minor patients must be supervised by their designated caregiver or guardian when purchasing their medicine at a dispensary.

    Caregivers and legal guardians must provide proof of ID when accompanying the minor patient.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the State application fee refundable?

    The $50 government fee is non-refundable.

    How long is my Pennsylvania MMJ Card valid for?

    Your Pennsylvania MMJ card is valid for one (1) year from the date it is issued. During this time, you will be able to purchase medical marijuana from any dispensary in Pennsylvania. 

    Does Pennsylvania aCcept Out-of-State patients?

    No. Since Pennsylvania does not have reciprocity with other state MMPs, only local patients are allowed to take part in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program. As such, out-of-state med cards are not recognized in PA, and visiting patients cannot use their cards to purchase cannabis products from dispensaries, or to justify the possession of marijuana.

    How do I renew my Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card?

    The renewal process is the same as applying for the first time. The only difference is that this time, you’ll be ticking ‘Renewing Patient’ instead of ‘New Patient’ on your application. 

    Sixty (60) days before the expiration of your medical marijuana card, you will receive an email from the state that it is time to obtain a new certification from a registered practitioner. Take note that you do not have to see the same practitioner who approved your initial patient certification.

    Log in to your account as a returning user, go to your profile settings and make sure that it is updated. Once the doctor validates your certification, if your annual payment is up to date, a new card will be printed and mailed to you at the mailing address listed on your state portal. Patients can use the new card after the initial or current card is expired.

    The $50 state fee, or $25 if you are qualified for a fee reduction, is paid once every 12 months. You will receive an email with instructions for making the payment, so be sure to check your email and pay for the annual fee to avoid any lapse in card activation.

    Is there an Additonal fee for a stolen/lost card?

    Yes. A replacement card costs $25 for first replacement, and $50 for subsequent requests.

    I don't have a PA ID Card. Can I still apply for An MMJ card?

    No. Pennsylvania only accepts a state-issued ID card or a driver’s licenses as proof of residency.

    Am I eligible for a discount if I have MEDICAID?

    Individuals who participate in Medicaid, PACE/ PACENET, CHIP, SNAP, and WIC may qualify for a discounted medical marijuana ID card. You may call the state helpdesk to find out if you are eligible for a discount.

    Patient Resources and Forms

    General Regulations Enforced by the Pennsylvania MMP

    The Act establishing the Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program was signed in April 2016 by Governor Tom Wolf. The bill allows for patient certification for the use of medical cannabis with approval from a licensed physician, for the qualifying conditions listed in the Senate Bill.

    The Medical Marijuana Program in Pennsylvania prohibits patients from smoking dried cannabis flowers in the state. Patients are only allowed to use medical marijuana in the form of:

    • Tincture
    • Pill
    • Oil
    • Liquid
    • Topical form including cream and ointments
    • Vaporization or Nebulization

    Check out all you need to know as a medical marijuana patient in Pennsylvania: