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Here you’ll find the answers to common questions people have when signing up.

How do I qualify for a New Mexico medical marijuana card?

You must meet the following requirements to qualify for a New Mexico medical marijuana card: 

  • You must be a resident of New Mexico.
  • Adults aged 18 and above must have a State of New Mexico-issued driver’s license or ID.
  • Minors (patients under 18 years old) must have a caregiver apply on their behalf. Also, the caregiver must present the child’s birth certificate.
  • You must suffer from one of the qualifying conditions for a medical card in New Mexico.

What are the qualifying conditions in New Mexico?

There are 29 qualifying conditions for a medical marijuana card in New Mexico. They include: 

What's the process of getting a recommendation?

First, complete our sign-up form and create your account with Quick Med Cards. Next, pick a convenient time for your online consultation. Afterward, attend your online evaluation over video call during your appointment time. Finally, you will receive your recommendation after the doctor approves you for MMJ.

I ail from several of the qualifying conditions. Does that guarantee that I'll be getting my med card?

If the provider believes that you meet the legal requirements for a medical marijuana recommendation, then you will very likely be recommended.

How is the consultation done? Do I have a video call with the doctor?

Yes. Telemedicine consultations for medical marijuana evaluations are now legal in New Mexico. Once you schedule an appointment time, we will send you a secure link for your video call before the consultation. After clicking the link, you and your doctor will discuss how medical marijuana could benefit your health. Afterward, you will receive your recommendation after the physician’s approval. Our video calls are straightforward and usually take 10-15 minutes.

What happens after I'm approved?

The next step after receiving your recommendation is registering with the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program. The registration process is entirely online, and you must submit your application through the MCP Patient Portal. Usually, it takes five (5) business days for your application to get processed. And after approval, you will receive your electronic med card.

How long is my med card valid for?

Your New Mexico medical marijuana card will be valid for two (2) years.

Are there other fees I need to pay for?

New Mexico does not charge patients for medical marijuana cards, so there is no extra cost after you get approved. Our fees at Quick Med Cards cover the cost of the appointment and recommendation.


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