What Qualifies For a Medical Marijuana Card in New Jersey?

Medical content reviewed by Dr. Shatha Atiya on April 16, 2024

Have you considered trying medical cannabis treatment but don’t know the NJ medical marijuana requirements? Look no further.

By the end of this page, you will have the answers to these questions:

  • What qualifies for a medical card in NJ?
  • What are the qualifying conditions for a medical marijuana card in NJ?
  • How can I get a medical marijuana card in New Jersey?

All the information on this page is sourced directly from the official site of the State of New Jersey. So, you can trust that you are reading an accurate and up-to-date resource. Let’s get started.

Complete List of Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions in New Jersey

If you are battling any of the conditions below, then medical marijuana may bring you relief. You can book your appointment to speak with one of our compassionate medical marijuana doctors today.

These are the qualifying conditions for a medical card in NJ:

How Hard is it to Get a Medical Card in New Jersey?

The answer is – not hard at all! Believe it or not, getting a medical marijuana card in New Jersey is very easy. Because of telemedicine, you can complete the entire process without ever leaving your home. Now, the doctor comes to you via video call. Plus, you can also complete the whole registration online. That’s right! – no more trips to the doctor’s office for a cannabis recommendation. So, if you’re a resident of New Jersey looking to obtain a medical marijuana card, there’s no need to stress. Schedule your appointment today, answer a few questions, and you’ll get approved in minutes. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3–literally.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in New Jersey

Getting a medical marijuana card in NJ is a simple two-step process:

1. Obtain a patient reference number. 

2. Register as a patient with the state Medicinal Cannabis Program.

Not sure how to get a reference number?

Only doctors registered with the state program can issue you a reference number. Quick Med Cards connects you with expert state-approved cannabis doctors. To obtain your reference number:

1. Sign up with Quick Med Cards and create your account.

2. Speak with our cannabis doctor via video call.

3. If approved, you’ll get your patient reference number following your appointment.

You can complete your application on the state website once you get your reference number.

New Jersey Medical Card Requirements

Before you can apply for your NJ medical marijuana card, confirm that you meet these requirements:

1. You are at least 18 years old.

OR: If you are below 18, your parent or legal guardian must apply on your behalf.

2. You are a resident of New Jersey.

3. A New Jersey cannabis doctor diagnosed you with a qualifying medical condition.

4. Your NJ MMJ doctor provided you with a patient reference number to confirm that you qualify.

New Jersey Medical Marijuana Card Qualification Checklist

Before you can apply for your NJ medical marijuana card, you’ll need some documentation and information. Make sure that all of the required documents are ready before continuing.

1. Proof of Identity:

  • NJ driver’s license.
  • New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission-issued non-driver’s ID.
  • New Jersey County ID with your name and current address.

2. Proof of New Jersey residency:

  • A utility bill from the last 90 days.
  • Correspondence from the IRS or New Jersey Division of Taxation showing your name and address.
  • Federal, state, or local government correspondence indicating your name and address.

3. Reference number from our NJ medical marijuana doctor.

4. Identify an Alternative Treatment Center (ATC) or NJ dispensary near you.

5. An appropriate full-face photo to submit.

Did You Know?

  • You don’t have to submit proof of residency if your government-issued ID reflects your current address.
  • Parents and guardians of qualifying minors don’t pay for the NJ med card.
  • You are required to pay a $10 state fee for a physical medical card. However, from March 1, 2024, you can request for a free Digital Medicinal Cannabis Patient Card.
  • Your NJ medical card will be valid for two (2) years.

Key Takeaways

  • You must be a resident of New Jersey with a qualifying condition to qualify for medical marijuana.
  • An NJ medical marijuana doctor must provide you with a patient reference number to confirm you are eligible for medical cannabis.
  • You must be at least 18 to apply for the NJ medical card. However, minors may also qualify if their parent or legal guardian consents to the treatment and completes the caregiver registration.

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Got Questions About What Qualifies For a Medical Card in New Jersey?

Below are answers to common questions about what qualifies for medical marijuana in NJ.

How to qualify for medical marijuana in NJ?

To qualify for medical marijuana in NJ, you must be a New Jersey resident ailing from an illness on the list of qualifying conditions.

Some examples are; cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, chronic pain, anxiety, and Crohn’s disease.

You can get a medical card through the New Jersey Medicinal Cannabis Program if you meet these qualifications. After approval, you can buy medical cannabis at any state-registered dispensary. If you think you qualify for medical marijuana in NJ, sign up, and we can help you get started today.

How old do you have to be to get a medical marijuana card in NJ?

There is no age limit for a medical marijuana card in NJ.

To obtain a medical card as an adult, you must be at least 18 years old. But qualifying patients under 18 years old must have their parents or legal guardians apply for the medical card on their behalf.

    Do you need a medical card in NJ?

    Since recreational is legal in New Jersey, you may be wondering why you would need a medical card. Well, many advantages come with having one.

    Here are some of the benefits you get compared to the user who smokes recreationally:

    • Medical marijuana is cheaper than recreational marijuana in NJ.
    • Higher possession limits. Three ounces versus one ounce. 
    • Dispensaries in NJ focus on patients before recreational users. So, if there is a shortage of cannabis, medical users will always get a supply.
    • Patients are under the care of an experienced NJ doctor who oversees their treatment and usage.

    Can you get a medical card for anxiety in NJ?

    Yes. Many patients have found relief from their anxiety by getting a medical card. It’s easy because it is one of the qualifying conditions in NJ, but this wasn’t always the case! Before 2018, patients suffering from anxiety couldn’t use cannabis as treatment.

    Today it’s a different story. You can talk to our doctor about how your anxiety impacts your life and that you would like to find a way to reduce the frequency and intensity of attacks. Our NJ cannabis doctors are compassionate and experienced and will guide you on how to get the most from your treatment.

    Does chronic pain qualify me for medical cannabis in New Jersey?

    Yes. Chronic pain is a qualifying condition for medical cannabis in New Jersey. So, you are eligible for a medical card if you suffer from chronic pain.

    Anyone who has experienced chronic pain knows how draining it can be. Everyday activities that most people take for granted can become arduous. And prescription pain medications often come with other problems like addiction. For many people, medical cannabis offers a safe and effective alternative for pain management.

    Are you interested in exploring this option? The first step is to speak with a medical marijuana doctor in NJ. They can help you determine if medicinal cannabis is right for you. And help you get started on obtaining an MMJ card.

    Can I get medical marijuana for Crohn’s disease in NJ?

    Yes, in New Jersey, medical marijuana is available for patients with Crohn’s disease.

    Medical marijuana is an effective anti-inflammatory. And it relieves many of the symptoms associated with Crohn’s disease. For example, pain, diarrhea, and weight loss.

    Can I obtain medical marijuana for PTSD in NJ?

    Yes, residents of New Jersey can obtain medical marijuana for PTSD because it is on the list of qualifying medical conditions.

    Patients battling PTSD stand to gain a lot from medicinal cannabis. For instance, reduced anxiety and depression, better sleep, and fewer nightmares. Medical marijuana may not be a cure-all. But it can provide significant relief for patients who have not found success with traditional treatments. If you are considering medical marijuana for PTSD, be sure to consult with our medical marijuana doctor to see if it is right for you.

    I have an opioid use disorder. Do I qualify for a medical card in NJ?

    Yes, opioid use disorder has been a qualifying condition for a medical card in New Jersey since January 2019.

    As a result, patients with opioid use disorder may be eligible for medical cannabis to treat the disorder. Or to ease the chronic withdrawal symptoms of opioids. If you think you qualify for a medical card in New Jersey, talk to a marijuana doctor about your options. With a medical card, you can access the treatment you need to manage your disorder and improve your quality of life.

    Patient Resources and Forms

    How to Contact the New Jersey Medicinal Cannabis Program

    State Agency: New Jersey Medicinal Cannabis Program (NJMCP)

    Phone: 609-292-0424

    Email: medcannabis@crc.nj.gov

    Website: https://www.nj.gov/cannabis/medicinalcannabis/